World Cup 2022: Belmadi cracks down on Algeria-Cameroon referee

As part of the announcement of his reappointment as head of the national team, Algeria coach Jamel Belmadi put a layer on Bekri Gassama, the Gambian referee of the World Cup play-offs against Cameroon. Almost lunar announcements.

“We don’t have to accept this kind of thing anymore”. A month after the facts, Djamel Belmadi doesn’t budge. The coach of the Algerian selection, who announced this Sunday that he would remain on Fenex’s bench in the qualifiers for the World Cup, despite his failure at Caen, again attacked Bekri Gasama, the Gambian referee of the Cameroon-Algeria match. ,

“I didn’t like it (…) to see him sipping coffee with a millefeel in a comfortable living room”

“Never again in life will we allow two or three people to plot against our country,” rumbles Belmadi in an interview to the federation’s media. We will never again see a referee harming a country. I have to say That I did it all day after this referee left at Algiers airport, I didn’t like watching him sitting comfortably in the lounge and sipping coffee.

Djamel Belmadi then tells of having spoken to this 29 March criminal several times. “I emptied my bag on this referee, I crossed a turkey after him and I told him the same thing again, he specifies. I told him who it was. I didn’t like it, we like that.” We, when we go to these countries, when we go to Africa, we don’t have this preferential treatment.

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“He took away the hope of a whole people and we left him like that”

In an almost threatening remark, the coach expressed regret for the lack of results for the Gambian referee after a meeting that cost Algeria: “He took away a whole people’s hope and we leave him as is.” . I do not say that kill … “

As a reminder, the federation denounced “a blasphemous arbitration distorting the outcome of the match” and claimed the match would be replayed, in an appeal studied by FIFA in Zurich this week. Two goals denied and two penalties not whistled for Slimani are at the core of a flurry of Algerian officials who have little chance of winning.

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