World Cup 2022: Airplanes, ticket offices, accommodation… French supporters still in the dark


Supporters of teams qualifying for the 2022 World Cup or awaiting qualification met with the organizing committee this Thursday. Three hours of meeting and finally some answers. He has left a list of questions and is hoping for a quick reply. Supporters are taking their trouble patiently. What do they know? What are they waiting for? Anne Costes, the vice president of the Irresistibles Française, a group of blues supporters, attended the meeting. It takes stock of the questions that still persist.



Qatar has promised 130,000 rooms in 2- to 5-star establishments, two liners for 4,000 locations in Doha Bay, and 60,000 apartments and villas. Lots of offers on paper but for the time being, not touched. The sales system for the 2022 World Cup does not work by package (match tickets, planes, accommodation).

Everything is done in a sequence and without one is not possible at this time: “They promise us accommodation in June when we can go on stage, they assure us verbally but we have no guarantee That’s exactly what would happen, thinks Anne Costes. If it were the World Cup in Brazil or Russia, we could have already reserved accommodation for our members, which could have been cancelled, and which would actually come. Based on that we cancel. There, you need to match your ticket, we will not have a response to our ticket orders until May 31. And only then can we take the plane ticket and then the ticket to the accommodation. Solid In words, we can only find ourselves in front of a stage in a very high-end accommodation or a very low-end camp that we don’t know about. Maybe it would be great and we wouldn’t be worried about anything But since we don’t have an answer, it’s complicated to project ourselves. To take adherent bones only part of the group matches. Then it will be easier because the habitat will be free ,

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The picture of the Quechua tent placed on the mound caused a stir in the matter of camping. It’s hard to imagine a blue water campsite. Qatar assured that supporters can book their accommodation in advance, citing the example of an apartment at 70 euros per night. The organization doesn’t seem worried and makes sure that the accommodation will arrive. Les Irrésistibles Français also examined housing in neighboring countries (the United Arab Emirates, for example). Again, the package is very expensive. The cancellation terms are puzzling. For now, refunds for canceled accommodations are only made before April 28. If canceled later, it must be rebooked. If the situation does not change, there is a possibility of financial loss.

plane ticket

Anne Costes explains, “Can we come up with a one-way plane ticket without a return ticket, because we don’t know when France will end? They don’t know how to answer.” At the moment, there is no flexible ticket. And Paris-Doha costs more than 1000 euros: “We still can’t buy a plane ticket, sorry the vice president of Irresistibles Français. Even someone who follows France to the end Wants … it is not guaranteed that France will go to the end. If there are more orders than tickets. It will have to wait until June 6, with the law of supply and demand for plane ticket prices rising again of. It will be more expensive than Russia. It is more like long distance ticket prices like going to South Africa or Brazil, 1000 – 1500 Euros.” With the rise in the prices of oil and its derivatives, the cost of kerosene and plane tickets may increase further by the end of spring.



Seven months before the inauguration, this World Cup in Qatar has earned the nickname of the most expensive World Cup in history. French supporters from the beginning to the end of the Russian campaign spent 3,000 euros on the follow-up of the second star. In Qatar, this total is received by hotels and by plane. Game without ticket. “The lowest ticket category is reserved for locals, remembers Anne Costes. This was already the case. We have category 3, the lowest. If we do a full competition, it’s us ‘in Russia’. Costs much more in comparison. Those who just want to go to see the final, I have calculated that for 5000 euros! This is not possible. Fans hope that their questions will be answered before the 28 April deadline for tickets Answers will be received as soon as possible. Answers will come on May 31. The good news is Fan ID, a type of supporter’s passport, valid from entry into the field until mid-January. First, you’ll need two days after your team’s elimination Had to leave Qatar later, fans will now be able to stop for sightseeing.

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Alcohol, LGBT supporters’ rights, women’s rights. Qatar is concerned and whether these factors may decide the categories of supporters to travel, more than the sporting or budgetary aspect. “There were questions about customs, whether LGBT people are being abused, Anne Costes wonders. Qataris say no, this is the safest country in the world. Same with questions from single women, he says That’s not a problem. I hope that with the World Cup and all the cameras in the country, it will be more flexible. Will it really be like that? I have a hard time feeling it. We’re not sure if a short skirt is okay . They seem open but we can’t see the reality.” Qatar announced that it would be possible to consume alcohol in hotel bars and restaurants with licenses and in certain areas dedicated to supporters.


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