War in Ukraine: Dynamo Kyiv player tears after match against Cluzo

Present at a press conference after Dynamo Kyiv’s charity match (0-0) against Cluj in Romania, discussing the ongoing war in Ukraine and thanking the soldiers for their commitment, Oleksandr Karavayev bursts into tears .

Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Oleksandr Karavayev could not hold back his tears at the press conference after the match against CFR Cluj. The Ukrainian club, which played its third charity game on Wednesday, was allowed to leave the country to raise funds during these matches.

“Playing football is the only thing we can do”

Originally from Kherson, a city in eastern Ukraine that is still under Russian control, Oleksandr Karavayev was impressed when he spoke about the match, which ended in 0–0: “Thanks to Cluj and Romania for tonight . Thank you to everyone who came here. Sport today and supported us. There is only one thing we can do good: play football and raise money to help Ukraine, who fight for peace and for the country.”

Dynamo Kyiv have called Romania home since 1 April, following in the footsteps of their U19 side who were then preparing for their Youth League game against Sporting. Three days before the meeting against Cluj, Oleksandr Karavayev was seen with Denis Boyko in Bucharest at a pro-Ukraine demonstration.

‘It’s not easy going on the pitch’

“It’s not easy to go on the pitch and give our best when you know what’s going on in your country, but everywhere we went, in every country, we were very welcome. And we tried to give our best on football. Field”, also accepted the midfielder for 40 selections with Zabirna.

After touring with Dynamo Kyiv, Oleksandr Karavayev will join the Ukrainian selection in preparation for the World Cup qualification play-off match against Scotland to be held on 1 June.

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