Violence in football: ACBB president explains why the club has suspended its training


All training sessions scheduled for Wednesday at the Athletic Club Boulogne-Billancourt (ACBB) have been canceled in protest of the recent escalation of violence seen at the edge of the pitch. Pascal Quatrehomme, head of the Ile-de-France club’s football section, was a guest at BFM Paris to explain the reasons for this strong position.

No player from Athletic Club Boulogne-Billancourt (ACBB), all categories combined, will cramp this Wednesday. The Ile-de-France club on Monday decided to suspend all club training in protest of the recent increase in violence seen at the edge of the pitch. On Tuesday, the guest of BFM Paris, the president of the football section of the ACBB, Pascal Quatreholm, explained that he wanted to make an impression so that these incidents would stop.


“We wanted to mark the occasion and make the club and all its licensees aware to respect the green rectangle and remind everyone of their duties. Sport is not just about competition, you have to It has to be acknowledged that a child is a choice, Ile-de-France leader. It is an important measure, we really had to mark the occasion. We have sometimes banned a category from training, there it is It was starting to normalize, so we had to mark all of a sudden from U7 to senior.”

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“We strive to educate footballers and citizens of the future”

On BFM Paris, Patrice Quatrehomme thus explained that parental verbal violence towards teachers has increased manifold in recent months. “Whether we are talking about words or verbal aggression, when we challenge a coach to express his understanding, there are ways of doing things and they are not always respected. We use physical aggression It’s reassuring, but it shouldn’t come from that,” the leader continued.


“We take the time to explain to all parents how the club works. 98% of parents and children are very well behaved, but sometimes something goes beyond limits, he said. You have to follow these rules continuously. This is the beginning of operations, now we have to explain, communicate, organize workshops, discuss, find solutions. I think with communication, everything will be channelised. We strive to educate footballers and the citizens of the future.”

On Monday, after another slippage during a youth match at the Marcel-Beck Stadium (Medon in 92), the ACBB Steering Committee decided that none of the club’s 1,200 licensees could train at the club’s facilities this Wednesday. could. “The big problem in football comes from the parents. They think they have a future Mbappé and are going to buy a villa from their son with the money”, dealt a teacher interviewed by Le Parisien.


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