Violence in football: A club has canceled its training in the face of aggression from the parents of the players

A new incident on Saturday prompted Athletic Club Boulogne Billancourt to cancel all of their training to protest and raise awareness against the increase in violence seen in recent days. Especially with parents.

It was too much of an event. After another slippage during a youth match at the Marcel-Bacque stadium, the management committee of Athletic club Boulogne Billancourt (ACBB, in Hautes de Seine, 92) met on Monday afternoon. It was decided that all training sessions for all age groups would be phased out, and this would be “to raise awareness of these unacceptable behaviours”. This Wednesday, none of the 1,200 ACBB licensees will train at the facilities provided for the purpose at the Le Gallo and Marcel Bacque stadiums.

What is it after all? The club cites “a resurgence of verbal and physical aggression in recent weeks” and “some parental aggression toward our teachers” in a press release. “The big problem with football comes from the parents. They think they have a future Mbappé and are going to buy a villa with the money from their son”, said a teacher interviewed by Le Parisien.

amateur soccer violence

There are many inappropriate behaviours, from a father entering the field on break or at the end of a match to ask a teacher for an explanation, to a parent who is about to beat up a U7-grade player on set. “Some parents do not accept that their son is a substitute and that there is inappropriate behavior, declares the president of the Paris football section Pascal Quatreholm. If the parents do not accept their child to replace, then How can they understand?”

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Everywhere in France, very serious incidents have been recorded on amateur football lawns in recent weeks, both in Mayenne, in the Somme, in the Hauts de France, or in the le de France. During or after the match, the referee was taken to work and physically assaulted by the players. Last month, Pantene players were ambushed on the sidelines of a football match. According to the description given by the president of Pantene, the attackers came from everywhere with iron bars and baseball bats.

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