Transfer market: Bayern and Haaland trail but don’t lose hope for Lewandowski

Bayern Munich could have been tempted to secure the services of Erling Haaland, possibly to replace Robert Lewandowski, whose future is very uncertain. When asked by Sport 1 about the feasibility of this operation, President Oliver Kahn closed the file, indicating that the asking prices were too high.

Heading into the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich experienced surprising disappointment with this elimination in the quarter-finals against Villarreal in the Champions League. As the end of the season nears, it is difficult to say what the German giant will face next season. For good reason, Robert Lewandowski is out of contract in 2023 and wants to leave.


In the event that it is necessary to replace the 32 goalscorer in the Bundesliga, the Bavarian will have to work hard. Still formidable when he is not injured, Erling Haaland, who is likely to leave Borussia Dortmund this summer, could be an option on paper. But in reality, Norway should not join Munich.

In an interview with Sport1 this Sunday, President Oliver Kahn said the cost of this operation meant the file could not be completed: “It is far from our imagination (…) There is a very interesting player for the future. These are the financial dimensions that are beyond our comprehension.”

“It takes time to convince Lewandowski to be here”

Even though Lewandowski wants a change of scenery, Kahn does not intend to leave discussions to pursue his striker. As for the German media, the manager nevertheless acknowledged Poll’s wish: “Some people think that these discussions and these contract negotiations are like an online management game (…). It takes time to convince him to sign. is.”

Of course, the former goalkeeper wants to keep his striker, but the German wants to keep his hand in this file and does not want to admit everything: “It is we who will decide when Bayern’s contractual discussions take place. We know very well What do we give this player (…) We’ve had two very tough years (financially).

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