Toulouse: Attack on the field, splashes of champagne, message for Riolo… Crazy celebration after rise in Ligue 1


Toulouse defeated Niort on Monday during the 35th day of Ligue 2 (2–0) and are guaranteed a return to the first division next season. Players and supporters celebrated this return to the top flight with dignity, at a stadium in Fusion.


Less than a year ago, Damien Comoli was furious after a possible referee error during the L1/L2 play-off against Toulouse. This Monday, the President of Toulouse is all smiles. This time it’s done, Téfécé finds Ligue 1 after a two-year wait.

At the end of a new breakthrough against Niort (2–0) during the 35th day, Téfécé ensured his promotion to the elite. Eleven points ahead of Auxerre, third on 65 points, Toulouse can no longer be denied a return to Ligue 1.


Invasion of land despite announcements

Several times this Monday on social networks and throughout the match against Niort, Toulouse asked his fans not to attack the ground to avoid LFP’s sanctions. But Pichous’ supporters did not listen to their leaders. After the final whistle, hundreds of people entered the stadium lawns for a spectacular moment of engagement with their team. Given the enthusiasm and good atmosphere of the evening, the Toulouse leaders certainly wouldn’t blame their followers too much.

“Yeah (it’s a special moment. Especially when you look at all the supporters who are there and who have supported us throughout the season), Toulouse captain Brecht Dezegere reacted to beIN Sports. In giving them something It’s good to be able. […] We were always able to take a step higher and it paid off in the end. I have already had good moments in my career and this is a new one. We will do everything we can to be ready for Ligue 1.

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“Special” Ligue 1… and Riolo T-shirt

As far as Toulouse players are concerned, before celebrating with our spectators, we thought of wearing T-shirts for the return of Ligue 1. But instead of doing a classic, the Ville Rose Club innovated with amusing slogans and supposedly remember some of their habits. Aristocrat class. Following a brief message to VAR, which accustomed players to “celebrate a goal after three minutes”, Toulouse had every intention of “not agreeing with D.Riolo” or vice versa to make “the team’s front page”. Is.

So many short phrases that say so much about this club and the beautiful atmosphere that reigns in Philippe Montanier’s group. The 57-year-old coach also tasted this accession to the elite.


“I was intimidated by this Niort team but we can talk about a party here. We had a great season and we had another great game against a good team. I’m glad to see our president like this , I didn’t have that.. didn’t look like it yet (all happy celebrating the promotion, editor’s note), delighted the Violet’s coach. […] Beyond success, it is a human adventure with players, employees, management and a chairman. Has always been one big unit. I have a wonderful group of players.”

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Special Ligue 1 in Toulouse and Daniele Riolo T-shirt, April 25, 2022
Special Ligue 1 in Toulouse and Daniele Riolo T-shirt, April 25, 2022 © DR beIN Sports

The evening continued in the locker room where Toulouse players celebrated with bottles of champagne. A few minutes privately (but in the eyes of the cameras), in group intimacy, before the president takes the direction of the stage.

Faced with the thousands of supporters still present in the center of the field, the players sang several war songs, echoed by the crowd. Beautiful moments of happiness between fans and footballers. This time it’s done, Toulouse is back in Ligue 1. Next goal: Ligue 2 title.


Jean-Guy Lebreton The Indian Paper Journalist


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