The dates and times of the Ligue 1–League 2 play-offs have been made official.

The Ligue 1 play-offs for the first leg on Thursday 26 May and the return leg on Sunday 29 May, both matches will take place at 7 pm. The winner of this double clash will get the right to play in Ligue 1 next season.

It’s the end of the season. The Ligue 1 play-offs established since the 2016–2017 season will take place in the last week of May and the schedule is recorded by the Professional Football League. On 26 May at 7 pm, the winner of the Ligue 2 playoff will be ranked 18th in Ligue 1. On Sunday 29, the elite club will receive a Ligue 2 team, that too at 7 pm.

In the current state of affairs and if the championship ends there, the respective Ligue 1 club would be Saint-tienne, currently 18th with four games remaining. Angers, Lorient, Clermont and Troyes are still not out of danger and can still slip into this famous 18th place finish.

Ajaccio at a favorable discount

This is no more apparent at lower levels, especially since the playoffs will be skimming for the first time. Three days from the end, there are four contenders in Ligue 1 with Toulouse without going through the play-off box. If Ajaccio is currently in second place, Auxerre, Paris and Souchaux are in ambush. At this point, the Corsicans would be relegated directly to Ligue 1, while the third, Auxerre, should play in a dry match against the winners of Sochaux-Paris FC in a play-off final. The big winner of this play-off will then have to get rid of the Ligue 1 club in this round-trip clash on 26 and 29 May, which will be broadcast on beIN Sport and Prime Video.

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