Tense exchanges, delays, Hamraoui fury, complicated end of season between PSG women

PSG Women lost this Sunday’s Champions League first leg to Lyon (3-2) following a brawl between Khira Hamraoui and Sandy Baltimore on the day. The context is particularly tense for the season’s final deadline.

Obviously, the conditions experienced by the women’s team at their Bougainvillea training center on Saturday on the eve of the Champions League semi-final (3-2 loss to Lyon this Sunday) happens across multiple teams over the course of a season. But the context is all the more strong with the context experienced by Parisian women for nearly six months and the attack on Cucumber Hamraoui, whose statements by investigators from the Versailles Banditry Suppression Brigade have crystallized tensions within the workforce.

between frontal buzz and delay

In recent weeks, the midfielder has been feeling ominous. His support displayed on the fingers of one hand within the team no longer counts. The European champions have been finding it very difficult to resume normal life since their attack, with Barcelona “annoying everyone lately”, reports women’s observers.

During the match against Count GPSO Issy on the 19th day of D1, Paris Saint-Germain won a massive 6–1 victory. But this meeting behind the scenes was not easy. At halftime, Khera Hamraui is furious. As per our information, she tells her coach that she wants to replace on the ground that some of her teammates are not giving her passes. The former Barcelona may have targeted Kadidiatou Diani and Marie-Antoinette Catoto in particular. Didier Ole-Nicole will oppose this request during this exchange. Hamraoui would eventually leave in the 73rd minute of the game (replaced by Aminata Diallo). A few days later, the anger seems to have not subsided as she was late for a video shoot.

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Earlier in the season, there was a moment of significant tension during the league match between Kheira Hamraoui and Marie-Antoinette Catoto in Montpellier (0–0).

a nerve-wracking affair

During Saturday’s brawl between Kheira Hamraoui and Sandy Baltimore at Bogival Training Center, when the former wanted to fight it out, Baltimore was supported by Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani. During this chaotic day on the banks of the Seine, to the best of our knowledge, some players were in tears during the scuffle but also during the crisis meeting. A sign of psychological wear out due to this climate of constant stress in recent months.

In the midst of these conflicts, coach Didier Ole-Nicol, who has been exploring women’s football this season and who had admitted at a press conference in the middle of winter that there was “no more business” for her, delivered her speech. less and less well received by some elements of its group. In parallel with these difficulties, the Capital Club is already preparing for the next season. If players like Sarah Dabritz or Luana are dropping out, sports management is looking to consolidate, perhaps, in anticipation of other departures in the area. For several weeks, midfield players have been seen in a particularly sentry profile.

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