Supercopa de Espaa: Pique would have taken a big commission on contract with Saudi Arabia

According to new documents published on Monday by Spanish media El Confidential, Gerard Pique has been awarded nearly 24 million euros, exclusively through his company, for the contract between the Spanish football federation and Saudi Arabia, for his role as arbiter. would have been received. Host of the Spanish Super Cup.

Gerard Pique is beyond the framework of an ordinary footballer. A businessman, the defender of FC Barcelona, ​​also manages the company Kosmos, which for example holds the Davis Cup in tennis. This Monday, Spanish media El Confidential revealed how the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the player negotiated through his company to move the Spanish Supercup to Saudi Arabia.

In November 2019, the RFEF formalized the signing of a 3-year contract with Saudi Arabia to organize the event, up to 40 million euros per season. It was revealed by several media at the time that Pique, as moderator and chairman of Cosmos, was going to collect 4 million of this amount for each edition.

El Confidential this time publishes several exchanges between Federation President Luis Rubiales and Gerard Pique, in particular when the first informs the second that Real Madrid will not travel for less than eight million euros. “Let’s see Ruby, if it’s about money, if they want eight million, crap, man, they give eight to Real and eight to Barca. The others will take two more million. Then you’ll keep six for the Federation. “, launched Gerard Pique for President of the Spanish Federation, in a quote published by Hoga Media.

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First talks to organize Supercup at Camp Nous

Luis Rubiales would have pressured Saudi Arabia for Gerard Pique, via Cosmos, to receive the commission. So the total would amount to 24 million euros. The Federation president then tried to hide the Catalan involvement in this juicy contract. “Geri, congratulations. And I’m not referring to yesterday’s match. I mean it’s midnight and the agreement has been signed with Saudi Arabia”, for example thanks to the RFEF chairman Ko Pique sends to give.

Furthermore, El Confidential also revealed that both the men had planned to hold the tournament at Camp Nou in late 2018 before turning to Saudi Arabia. They were then looking for arguments to persuade Real Madrid to accept such an offer on enemy grounds.

The first edition of this Spanish Supercup was played in Saudi Arabia in January 2020 for Real Madrid’s victory. The format brings together the first two finalists of the Championship but also the two finalists of the King’s Cup. FC Barcelona lost in the final against Athletic Bilbao in 2021 but Gerard Pique was not on the lawn.

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