Strasbourg-Rennes: The Bretons "Not surprised by Stephen’s success" in Alsace


It will be one of the doubles for Europe that will be played in Ligue 1 (9 pm) this Wednesday evening. Strasbourg, fifth wonder, together with the head of Strasbourg residents Julian Stephan, former Breton coach and idol of Rennes supporters, takes third to Stade Renais, whose rapid success in Alsace does not surprise anyone.

Two years three months. How long did Julian Steffen’s tenure as head of the Stade Renais first team last? Appointed on December 3, 2018, with an interim position until winter break following the ouster of Sabri Lamochi, Julian Stephan was then a well-known unknown to the general public despite a solid reputation in the training world, leading youth teams from Rennes. Is. Club since 2012. He is said to be predestined to train professionals one day. He will not let this opportunity pass by. He has five games to play until Christmas. Result: Five wins, including the first, a breakthrough at Lyon (0–2) two days after his appointment.


Olivier Letang, then president, reviewed his plans. Julian Stephens is confirmed. Qualification for the knockout stages of the Europa League in two years, a title in the Coupe de France against PSG in 2019 marked a golden period with successes for the Rennes club that Rennes had been waiting for since 1971 and a champion a year later. Third place became synonymous with qualification for the league. The story will end in pain with Stephen’s resignation; March 1, 2021. An extremely rare occurrence for a coach, when the club is caught in a series of six defeats in a month and the coach admits he no longer has a solution.

>> L1 . All the information before the 33rd day of

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“He Changed the Face of Strasbourg”

Since that time, only two Rennes players from the start of the Stephen era still remain at the club. With Strasbourg finding their former coach in the shoes of a competitor in Europe, during the 33rd day of Ligue 1 this Wednesday, Hamari Traore and Benjamin Bourrigaud are not surprised to see Stefan performing so quickly at their new club but Do not intend to play.

“This is what is happening to him. I wish him well but I especially hope that he will not be good against us so that we leave him behind”, begins Traore. Bourrigaud says: “It’s nice to see him again. We’ve experienced great things with him. We have good memories. He’s doing a good job in Strasbourg. He has a bright future in this profession and he’s showing it.” We are happy for what is necessary but we also know what awaits us in this match. A great match against a direct competitor. For 90 minutes it will not be Julian Stephan against Stade Renais, it will be against Rennes Strasbourg will be.”

Julian Stephan with Hamari Traore in Rennes in December 2020
Julian Steffen with Hamari Traore in Rennes in December 2020 © Icon Sport

a proud. In the first leg, Rennes won on a goal from Nayef Aguiard at Rozon Park (1–0) at the end of the match. Coming back tonight, the atmosphere promises to boil over with a sold-out Minau Stadium. Former Strasbourg Jonas Martin, who arrived in Rennes in September 2019, will find his former club and Julian Stephan who brought him to Brittany. Martin heaped praise on his former coach.

“He is a coach who is passionate, who knows football well. He has his own methods and modern principles. Match and we are rewarded, guesses the 32-year-old midfielder. The same goes for the video in the analysis . He does everything to make it work well. He still changed the Strasbourg team in a short time. We think it’s oil, whatever they do cleverly, they do it well The players adapt to their system. He also brought rigor to training and the club. He won here in Rennes. He is going to Strasbourg and there are results and, I imagine, beyond his objectives. There is a good consistency . I think he is destined for a good future.”

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Map of the future?

Bruno Genesio, Julian Stephan’s successor on the Rennes bench, agrees: “We can already see what he did here when he started his career in Ligue 1. It was his first experience. Qualifying one for the Champions League. Winning the title … I am not surprised that he continues in the same way with a small squad in Strasbourg. He shows that he is a quality technician. Also the latest rumors prove that he has the potential to build a good reputation among In the process, isn’t it?”

And the technician with a smile approaches the possible continuation of the career of your future opponent. By the way, is Julian Stephan a good choice for Lyon? “It is not for me to answer (laughs) while waiting for Lyon or any other club, it is with Strasbourg that Julian Steffen has the opportunity to strike a blow. This happened during the 33rd day of Ligue 1. In the event of a win on Wednesday evening, Alsatian will be back to Rennes and points from the podium.


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