Spanish Super Cup: The noose around the pick, who would have used Messi’s picture to persuade Saudi Arabia?

After the publication of documents, according to which he collected a large commission for the improvement of the Supercopa de Espaa, Gerard Pique defended himself on Twitch. Barca, however, are tightening the noose around the player, who would have used the image of Lionel Messi to score his goal.

In full controversy following the revelations of Gerard Pique El Confidential according to which he would have received a large commission for the overhaul of the Supercopa de Espaa. The Barca player would have done everything to complete his project with Luis Rubiales. According to the latest information from the Spanish daily, the defender and president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has agreed to use the image of FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi to achieve his goal of organizing the competition in Saudi Arabia. “We have Leo behind,” Pique says.

AFE Alert

On April 10, 2019, Luis Rubiales reportedly informed Gérard Pique that the league and the AFE (Association de Ftbolístas Espaoles, an association of football players playing in Spain, editor’s note) had proposed to him a schedule that would allow him to Did not satisfy interests: “I think that someone other than you, so that they don’t bind you, should talk to (David) Agenzo” (President of AFE), reportedly said by the President of the RFEF. Nevertheless, Catalan reportedly offered to do it in person.

Pick then reportedly called David Aganzo. The latter was unaware that the central guard was already aware of Rubiales’ plans “These are decisions that are taken unilaterally. And I’ll call you as soon as I have all the information, I’ll call you because it’s a The important question is Gerard. I also have prejudices because you have to move out of Spain. They don’t trust the footballers and that is something we cannot allow”, explained the president of ‘AFE’.

In the first disclosure, El Confidential explained that Luis Rubiales would have pressured Saudi Arabia so that Gerard Pique, through Kosmos, would receive a commission that would total 24 million euros. The Federation president then tried to hide the Catalan involvement in this juicy contract.

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