Spanish Super Cup: Spanish federation calms down game after revelations over huge commission for Pique

The Spanish football federation on Monday reacted to allegations arising out of the publication of exchanges between Gerard Pique and RFEF boss Luis Rubiales about millions of euros received on the sidelines of the Spanish Super Cup’s transfer to Saudi Arabia.

Storm in a glass of water? At a time when the Spanish press is mulling over the consequences of the El Confidential newspaper’s revelations about an exchange between Gerard Pique and Luis Rubiales, the RFEF’s boss, the Spanish Football Federation, doesn’t seem too concerned.

According to elements revealed by the media on Monday, the FC Barcelona defender will receive a juicy commission through his company Kosmos when Spain’s Supercup is moved to Saudi Arabia.

Directly implicated, the RFEF would be quite calm if we were to rely on the statements of the newspaper Marka’s internal source. “This information does not bring anything new to the information published in 2019, assures this anonymous speaker. All volumes of operation have been submitted, explained and approved by the Football Assembly.”

Cosmos would have received €24 million

At the center of the controversy, the amount received by Cosmos for playing the role of middlemen to move the Spanish Supercup to Saudi Arabia. The Spanish Federation has signed contracts worth 240 million euros over eight years, RFEF thus ensuring an annual return of 30 million euros by 2029. For its participation in the negotiations, Gerard Pique’s company has pocketed 10% of the total, or 24 million euros. According to disclosures from the Iberian Press.

El Confidential published several telephone exchanges between the president of the federation, Luis Rubiales and Gerard Piqué. The leader specifically informed the 2010 world champions that Real Madrid would not travel to the Gulf for less than eight million euros. “Let’s see Ruby, if it’s about money, if they want eight million, crap, man, they give eight to Real and eight to Barca. The others will take two more million. Then you’ll keep six for the Federation. “, launched Barca’s defender for the president of the Spanish federation, in a quote published by Hoga Media.

“We have to be very calm,” a source in Spanish football’s governing body told Marca. In favor of RFEF, we like to emphasize the myriad computer attacks that have been faced in recent times. According to the RFEF, the attacks by the press are therefore part of a “campaign of harassment to defame” the institution. But so far, the Federation has remained unwaveringly calm.

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