Serie A: Complete crisis in Naples, with drastic measures set for end of season


After a 2–0 ten-minute lead from the end of the match, losing at Empoli on the 34th day of Serie A (2–3), Naples undoubtedly saw their last hopes of Scudetto fading. A green setting was then declared in confusion until the end of the season.


A green setting by the end of the season. This is how Luciano Spalletti seeks to punish his players, got caught and then went ahead in the last minutes of the game against this Sunday (3-2) after leading 2-0. A blow that may seem like the death knell for title hopes for Naples, which is still chasing after its first coronation in 32 years.

3 goals scored in 7 minutes against a team that no longer won

The scenario of the match, which was already unbelievable, from 0-2 in the 80th minute to 3-2 in the 87th minute, helped by a major mistake by goalkeeper Meret, was rich in twists and turns after the match.


At a press conference, coach Luciano Spalletti assured that “there is no need to worry anymore”, in remarks reported by Gazzetta dello Sport. “The main responsibilities are mine,” he said. However, with one more game to go, the Azzurri (third) are now five and four points behind Inter Milan and AC Milan, who must play for the title in Serie A.

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The failure is even more bitter as a rival at the time, Empoli (14th), did not win for 17 games in Serie A and the trip to Naples. It had been 80 years since Napoli had lost the league after going up two goals. And Juventus, long declared out of the title race, could return to a point in a winning position against Sassuolo on Monday evening.


confusing declaration of being green

Azzurro Club’s Twitter account then led to a confusing situation. Less than an hour after the final whistle, Naples announced that the team would go on the green until the end of the season when training would resume, that is, for the last four league games. But an hour later, in response to his message, the Azzurro club indicated that the decision came from coach Spalletti, while the rest was shared by Napoli. Anyway Tuesday the reunion between the players and their coach promises to be tense.


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