Saint-Etienne: Greens supporters amid hope, anger and worry

Last week (2-6) at Lorient, AS Saint-tienne, swept 18th and in the play-offs, finds Geoffroy-Guichard’s cauldron this Saturday to welcome Brest (5 p.m.). A public concerned about the state of the game, despite repeated calls from the Holy Union, is also outraged behind the scenes.

“Shame on us!”: Dennis Bouanga’s stern words are shared around the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium after the Lorient route. “The attitude was shocked, Thierry for the meeting against Brest, assured of a ticket in his pocket. At least they wet the jersey. We know that they will not play for first place, but they have to show that they want it”.

Corentin, he saw “the collapse of the team”. “As if the players had let go a bit psychologically”, according to Cauldron, this regular in Lorient. “They may not be strong enough mentally,” says Jean-François, also appearing against Stade Brestois this Saturday. “We need a reframing at all levels”, for his part, assures Andres.

With two defeats against Marseille (2-4) and Lorient (2-6), ASSE scored just 180 goals in 10 minutes. On top of all that, Stefanois, 18th, and the roadblockers, ahead of a crucial week, saw Bordeaux return to a length in the maintenance race. After welcoming Brest, the Greens will go with a visit to Gironde on Wednesday and a reception in Monaco on Saturday.

Club sales crystallize tension

“I think they will hardly get out of it, but they will come out of it”, assures Jean-François. Optimism shared by Julian: “We knew it was going to be tough, it might not be a walk in the park so late. But it will. I think they have enough character to hold on.”

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Thierry, he’s more worried. “Next season, there are four descents. Many players are also at the end of their contracts, to rebuild a team, he recalls. And we don’t really know what will happen at the presidential level, that means. Will be put on the table.”

A theme that also explains the tension in Saint-tienne. If the emergency continues to settle the maintenance operation, the club’s sales file is in trouble. According to information received from The Indian Paper, one file has been left for the time being. Behind the scenes, the desire to leave his place is no longer shared by both co-chairs. If board chairman Roland Romaire is in a hurry to sell his shares, it may not necessarily be in Bernard Calazzo’s favor. “Give your stones and go away!” Jean-Michel Larque also recently started against the chairman of the supervisory board in “Rothen Ignites”. “We can’t take it anymore,” said a member of Dream Team The Indian Paper, formerly a member of Green House.

“I want them to sell the club at the end of the season, when we are retained. But I think they will stay, the soup is good, worries Corentin, the supporter. Especially since there is an agreement with the LFP Had happened, a club like ASSE would get 33 million euros. They see it as blessed bread, thinking we would be able to recruit and invest…” “I understand we can’t sell to anyone But they have to pass hands. Both one and the other,” says Thierry. A request was repeated for several months by various ultra groups.

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Supporters’ group appeal

But if the divorce ends with this two-headed management, some ask to save the sacred union around the group, initially, this monument to French football. This is the case, in particular, of Jeremy Clement. The former ASSE midfielder (2011-2017) denounces the situation as a “tragic, necessarily dangerous”. “It’s a complicated period, it’s not easy to live with, as I experienced at PSG when you play keeper. There is pressure”, he testifies.

“The supporters are worried, I understand that, he continues. But the group needs encouragement. Even if it is complicated, for fear of going down, maybe the feeling that the players are not giving everything, we have to unite All those who are at the club need supporters in this difficult time.”

A message that Pascal Dupraz tried to deliver at a press conference. “I understand their anger, the coach slipped. The fans are hurt. We are too, I don’t think we lost on purpose. The fans are behind us, I hope they will be against Brest They will be our allies “

But while waiting to welcome the Cauldron, several groups (Green Angels, Magic Fans, Independentists, USS) called on the public of Geoffroy-Guichard to come with a club jersey on their shoulders. “Let’s show them that the only ones worthy of wearing these colors are us!” Message is launched, also the countdown to maintenance.

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