Sadio Mane explains how Liverpool are adapting their training to Ramzan players


As Liverpool try to take their first steps towards the Champions League final against Villarreal this Wednesday (9PM on The Indian Paper), Mane explained how Liverpool have put their schedule in place to make life easier for players who are fasting has changed to.

With the end of the season, Liverpool are still in the running for a historic quadruple. The Reds hope to get closer to this raid by dismissing Villarreal from the Champions League (the first leg of the semifinals on The Indian Paper this Wednesday at 9pm). This performance will go through the great Sadio Mane, who has scored 19 goals this season, as well as Mohamed Salah, the current top scorer in the Premier League.


The two players, of Muslim faith, are currently in the middle of Ramadan and have been able to exchange with the club to be able to follow their religious practice despite the busy sporting calendar. “Playing and training during Ramadan is not easy at all, admits Sadio Mane for beIN Sports. Before Ramadan we talked to the captain and coach to see if we could change the training schedule. In the morning. It was easy for us. And then if you train in the morning, you’ll have more time to recover in the afternoon at home. Because if you train around 2 or 3 in the afternoon it’s complicated.”

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The concerned players were able to rely on the attentive ear of their coach, Jurgen Klopp: “The coach agreed. I think it makes it easier for us to give our best on the pitch.”


A nutritionist to manage match days

Mercy Club has also made available a nutritionist to help players maximize their performance and manage this potentially delicate period on a physical level: “Liverpool is doing everything we can to make it easier for us. We are a nutritionist Talking with her, especially before the games. She does everything for us and makes sure we can have Ramzan.” So Mane and his team-mates will be in the best possible conditions before hosting Villarreal at Anfield (9 p.m.) this Wednesday evening.


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