riolo: "PSG, 10th title and beyond?"

PSG won. Champion of France. Unfortunately this title makes no sense and it did not please anyone. editorial.

Who was to believe in the happiness of PSG players after winning the title on Saturday evening? Who can swallow this bad salad? We have never seen anything like this before. One team wins the championship title and returns to the locker room without greeting its public. Players open some bottles and probably went to party. Nothing fundamental, because that’s what they do best in their lives, party! Neymar’s house is an amusement park, Veratti’s restaurant is a fashionable place on Friday evenings. Thursday evening is Le Matignon. You will see PSG players in great form until you go blind.

Apparently for this title, we had a few Insta posts right to share the players’ delight virtually. Modern means of communication that will delight young people for whom football is not a club, a team, a stadium, a competition, a victory and a defeat, but just a player’s life, his goal, his gesture, his position, his record.

On Saturday night like any other, PSG were crowned France for the 10th time. on the canal + offset. The symbol of oblivion in which our L1 and its champion resides. As we know, Canal left football a long time ago. Rugby, Formula 1, motorcycles, everything is better now than in L1. No photos of supporters celebrating the title outside the stadium. Although it was information, it did not interest the broadcaster who no longer wanted to broadcast. The next day, PSG captain Marquinhos went to Canal Foot Club, a show that continues to lose viewers. No one in the club told him that the canal was no longer a football channel? Marquinhos does not understand why the people of the park are angry. Not even Veratti. Mbappe even less. Neymar, he got it. He knows that no one loves him so he shows his contempt. “Whistling sucks, I still have a 3 year contract!” Who doubted for a moment that Brazil was anything but a common mercenary?

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Half the stadium arrives without PSG knowing anything

Messi, Ramos, must be wondering which club he went to. No one will dare to convince them that soon it will not be a club, but just a show business one. You just have to visit the park once to see what this stadium has become. Half the stadium arrives without PSG knowing anything. Going to the park has become an event in itself. We eat, we go shopping, we go out afterward, we take pictures. Except that right now, part of the show is gone. For the leaders, the viraj was part of the autuille decoration, it was incorporated into the show. It was borderline in price. Puppet go, come, sing, be the prankster of kings in boxes!

PSG’s sporting policy, this pile of stars that gives nothing and that has brought a new humiliation to Madrid, no one wants anymore. Leonardo actually recognized “errors” without being told. Shall we give him a hand? The management of the goalkeepers, the recruitment of the final stars, the acceptance of the Republic of Players… Mbappe is all in the center of attention. He led the team so much this year that his departure would be seen as a disaster. But if Qatar manages to keep it, will it work as a sports project? The truth is, everything about this business is disgusting. The almighty Mbappe has been holding the club hostage for months. PSG should never have put themselves in this position. Mbappé has brought PSG to its knees! In which club has a player already done this? They’ll tell me, Messi. definitely. Well, while Mbappe has done for PSG everything Messi has done for Barca, I will revise my judgment on what I consider to be another element in the evidence of this disastrously managing PSG Is.

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Without a total break, it would be PSG only champions of France who will always have cotton feet in the spring.

Most club supporters vomit this PSG right there. Ultra, rich, poor. There is no social rift in this hatred. The fracture is elsewhere. And she asks a question. What do PSG leaders want? Change audience? There is no club in the world that rises to the top by changing its masses, cutting itself off from its history, separating itself from its supporters. We can purge a stadium like we do the English, but we don’t substitute one public for another. So supporters are waiting for the speech. Definition of new project. The president who hears nothing and listens nothing, not even present for the title of champion, will soon speak. He will choose his medium and questions carefully.

He can explain who is leaving and who is staying… but what will actually change? Without a total break, it would be PSG only champions of France who will always have cotton feet in the spring. So many crores for the 10th title? In addition to the championship received a terrible weakness!

The only way to get out of this system is to not let it go. Come and listen Not being there but being there. Spend three years whistling the Neymar employee, if necessary. Club legend Jean-Marc Pillorget said Parisian, how this 10th title did not bring any happiness. Many of us understand this and have the same opinion. So don’t give up. The club fell into the hands of hired players and incompetent managers to recover.

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