Rennes will not approve the player whose father attacked the director of the training center


Marked by the aggression of the director of its training center by a player’s father, Stade Renais has decided to cancel the training of its youth in the coming days and file a complaint. But the player in question, Noah François, would not be approved.

Stade Renais reacted quickly on Monday and lifted the ban after a violent brawl between Noah François, the father of a young professional on the reserve team, and Denis Arnaud, the director of the training centre.


For three days, therefore until Thursday, training for all youth sections of the Rouge et Noir Academy has been suspended in support of Denis Arnaud, the club announced in a press release. That’s why all young football players are affected in training. Why this election and this collective approval? Associated with the RMC sort, the club admits. “It is not an easy decision, but it was necessary”, explains Olivier Clorec, deputy general manager of Stade Renais.

“Through this, it is also a question of sending the message, to everyone, and especially to other parents, that an unacceptable act as it has occurred has not only individual consequences but affects the club as a whole. Collectively From and on to progress in all young people, he continues. We cannot let these behaviors pass. We can see that there is more and more violent acts in football, both amateur and professional. He had to score.”

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“Noah has nothing to do with this matter”

Stade Renais has also announced that it is filing a complaint against the player’s father, given the gravity of the facts. Dennis Arnaud will also file a complaint as a direct victim of the attack.

What about Noah François, an 18-year-old youth player under a professional contract until 2024? His father is particularly critical of the club for not integrating his son sufficiently into the professional group, unlike other youth hopefuls. He actually attends sessions with Bruno Genesio occasionally, but sporadically, depending on needs.


“Noah François has nothing to do with this case. There is no reason for him to suffer the consequences, we explain at the Stade Renais. He is still a young professional in the stage of progress, with his contract still on.” It’s two years. We convinced him about it.” At the club, the coaches confirm that Francois has a great mentality and is a respectable and attentive boy.


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