Rennes: Genesio not worried despite being lethargic

Rennes suffered two consecutive Ligue 1 defeats against Monaco and Strasbourg before welcoming Lorient this Sunday during the 34th day of the season. Still in the race for the podium and a ticket to the Champions League, Bruno Genesio and Nayef gard are hopeful with a duel against Les Merles.

Who for places in C1? At a time when PSG could win their tenth French Championship title, other Ligue 1 teams are fighting to escape the descent or snatch a place on the podium. Before the 34th day of the season, Rennes let Om go to second place in the standings and remained on two defeats against the contestants. But neither the home loss against Monaco (2-3) nor the mid-week loss at Strasbourg (2-1) has hurt Bruno Genesio’s confidence. These failures are related to individual errors.

“Physically we have no problems. I asked my staff to extract data from quarter hour to quarter hour, half hour to half hour and every five minutes. There is no drop in race in terms of volume or intensity, launched Gaya is two days before the derby against Technician Lorient on this Friday. It’s not physical, but we are vulnerable to silly ball losses that lead to opportunities for the opponent. It weakens us and it gives us a period like this where we doubt more and where we try fewer things while the opponent gains confidence.”

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Aguerd: “We are one of the best teams in France”

Therefore, according to the observation made by Bruno Genesio, Rennes’ problem is undoubtedly mental, not physical. Victory will come only when the team does a better job collectively.

“We need to redo things more together in these moments, the technician continued. We must analyze the state of the match. There are times when we may have to be more practical when we have less time.” “

Also, Nayef Aguerd, who was present in front of the press, went ahead of his coach. “We lose two games in a row, we are not happy, we are competitive. We try to win every game, for their part the Moroccan international defender is estimated. We are not well because we lost two games immediately but in the game Clearly and collectively, I am not afraid to say that we are one of the best teams in France. We build the game and we win with style every time and we remain humble. No because we lost two games.”

Genesio “quiet” despite two defeats

Despite two recent poor performances, Bruno Genesio still believes in qualifying for the next Champions League. And this is despite OM being six points behind and a tussle between the contenders.

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“I’m very calm because I always said we would make a point at the end of April. The pressure we needed, chained the former Lyon coach. It also drives us to keep going. Without pressure we don’t move forward and we don’t progress. Pressure is result and competition. We are in it and we have our beliefs. We have individual and collective beliefs. We just have to find some fundamentals and be specific. Formally at the loss of the ball.”

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