Red Star: Extremists’ New Unusual Way to Condemn Takeover by an Investment Fund


Protesting the takeover of the club by an American investment fund, Red Star supporters published an advertisement in Le Parisien on Tuesday: “Investment funds, sovereign or bulimic and immoral investors stay away”.


An unusual ad slipped in the column of Le Parisien on Tuesday. In the midst of selling antiques and vinyl records, one can read “Vends Club de Football Vintage”: Centenary Football Club based in Saint-Ouen seeks a serious and ambitious investor to complete a coherent sporting project. , strongly opposed the takeover. Club 777 Partners, an American investment fund, isn’t giving up, and all is well.

“A Frantic Club Buying Policy”

In mid-April, during Sete’s reception, he expressed his anger with jets of smoke, resulting in the final closing of the meeting at the 40th minute. “We are going to let this new buyer know that he is not welcome here, in a clear, firm and demonstrated way”, announced Vincent Chutet-Mazens, president of Collectif Red Star Bauer. “Stay away from investment funds and sovereign or bulimic and unethical investors”, may we read in the announcement as well.


Supporters’ group oppose the sale of the club to “an investment fund located 5,000 km from here, which is on a policy of frenzied buying of clubs” (based in Miami, 777 Partners also took over Genoa in 2021 And will soon be the buyer of 100% of Standard de Lige’s shares and 70% of Vasco da Gama, editor’s note).

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“For fear of being the fifth wheel of the cart, the little academy of young people of le-de-France that we are going to rob”, continues Vincent Chutet-Mazens, still well aware of the current state of the Red Star, 11 Van de National: “We know the club is out of breath, we need new investors to avoid vegetation in the third division.”


Mayor of Saint-Ouen guarantees

Following a strong message from Ultras against Sete, the three leaders of the 777 Partners were received on 21 April by the mayor of Saint-Ouen, Karim Baumrane. He tries to reassure supporters and promises that new buyers will be scrutinized closely: “Guarantee requested from new investor: our values ​​respected”.

Karim Baumrane also wants to emphasize three points: “The regional anchoring of the club in Saint-Ouen – the Red Star is Bauer, Bauer is Saint-Ouen; the social pricing of venues and the democratization of sports licenses, at prices accessible to all; Promoting sporting and academic excellence, with a strong ambition to reach Ligue 1, he developed with Paris.


That’s not enough to convince the extremists, who therefore tried a new way to get attention on Tuesday. An email address has been created: [email protected] “So that we can send your application to club management,” ironically concludes the day’s ad.

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