real madrid "plays poorly" And was "great chance" Against Chelsea according to Cassano

Real Madrid’s qualification for the Champions League semi-finals after Chelsea’s dismissal did not reassure Antonio Cassano, who believes his former club “plays poorly” unlike FC Barcelona…

After an impressive first comeback against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League knockout stages, Real Madrid did it again this week against Chelsea, snatching qualification in the second leg (2-3), coming close to elimination. But this new miracle from Merengues didn’t really reassure everyone, starting with former home Antonio Cassano, who was very critical of the level of play displayed by Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

“Real Madrid is playing poorly,” the former Italian striker said in an interview on Bobo TV. During the match against the Blues, most of the meeting was dominated by Madrid’s men and their salvation was only for their individual talents. “First against PSG, then against Chelsea, they were very lucky and sooner or later it ended, warned Cassano. In the league, Real don’t play well.”

“Barsa is another musical”

Although they are still the leader in La Liga, Merenguez has not shown his best face recently and was notably slapped at home by FC Barcelona (0-4) on 20 March. Although they still hold a 12-point lead over the Catalans, they have recently been praised for the quality of their game. “If you look at Barca, they started very late, but now it’s different music,” confirmed Casano, while the Catalan was kicked out of the Europe League by Eintracht Frankfurt this week.

For ills, the Italians, all relatives of Real, point the finger at one person in charge: their compatriot, coach Carlo Ancelotti, whose position as head of the club was briefly threatened in these final days before the bar was straightened. . “He does you a favor, but I can’t name the player who has improved his career with him,” Cassano rebuked him in particular.

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