Real-Chelsea: Why Marcos Alonso’s goal was rightfully denied


Marcos Alonso looked to give Chelsea an almost decisive advantage by scoring a 3-0 goal at Real Madrid. But according to the rules, he was rejected for a light-handed penalty.


It’s cruel, but it’s the rule. Marcos Alonso was denied a goal on Tuesday night in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea (2-3, AP). Shifting to the left, the side saw its center first blocked by Dani Carvajal and deceived Thibaut Courtois with a shot from the right to the opposite corner. But the Polish referee, Szyman Marciniak, eventually canceled it after receiving advice from his video assistants. Reason: The ball slightly touched the right hand but still stuck to the body of the Blues defender.

This point is very clearly noted in Article 12.1 of the IFAB Laws of Sport. “It is a mistake if a player (…) scores a goal (…) immediately after touching the hand or hand of the ball, even by mistake”, indicates the regulation. . So the referee made the right decision, even if it was not passed on to the English media, who were furious with the referee.

Approved hand of Marcos Alonso
Approved hand of Marcos Alonso © RMC Sport

Tuchel points to lack of courage from referees

Blues manager Thomas Tuchel felt the referee did not have the ‘courage’ to make a decision against Real Madrid. He said, “I didn’t see the target, but I’m very disappointed that it didn’t come and check it out yourself. You must remain the boss and not leave the decision to another isolated person sitting in a chair.”

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But the German manager mocked the referee for his proximity to Carlo Ancelotti after the game. “I was disappointed that the referee had a good time with Carlo,” he said. When I wanted to say thank you, he was smiling and laughing with the opposing coach. I think it’s the right time to do it after the final No. Whistling, after 126 minutes a team is giving its heart When you go to see a referee and you see him smiling and laughing with the other coach, it’s a bad time. I told him Said. It’s not just about today. When you play against Real Madrid, you might not expect courage at all. I felt small decisions in the first phase and even today.”


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