Real-Chelsea: When Azpilicueta hits substitute, Lucas Vazquez … on the edge of the field


Cesar Azpilicueta was warned when he was a substitute for touching Lucas Vazquez in the second leg of Wednesday’s Champions League quarter-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea (2-3, AP).


Cesar Azpilicueta didn’t give up, even with a Pinafor substitution on his back. After joining the bench for a return to the Champions League quarter-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea (2-3, AP), the Spanish defender experienced the match as if he were taking part in it. He also received a yellow card during extra time (113th) when he did not enter the game. The former Marseilles actually ran in the direction of Lucas Vazquez who wanted to recover the ball to put it back on the stake.

Caesar Azpilicueta
Caesar Azpilicueta © RMC Sport

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Cesar Azpilicueta's Sole on Lucas Vazquez

Surrounding him, he also crushed his left leg with his spasm, causing his right to fall to the ground. Azpilicueta deserved a protest from the referee and a yellow card for this excessive commitment at the edge of the field. And this really angered “Azapi” at a tense moment in the match as his team, which had long believed in a comeback, was trailing. Thomas Tuchel was also warned over the action after he challenged the referee’s decision not to award a free kick to his team following an allegation by Rodrigo on Antonio Rudiger, which he considered irregular.

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The scene between Azpilicueta and Vazquez didn’t make them more enjoyable, even though the two players knew each other well as they worked side by side in the Spanish selection. But they were opposites on Tuesday night. And the natives of Madrid emerged victorious.


At the end of the meeting, Tuchel also railed against the referee’s behaviour, particularly for his proximity to Carlo Ancelotti. “I was disappointed that the referee had a good time with Carlo,” he said. When I wanted to say thank you, he was smiling and laughing with the opposing coach. I think it’s the right time to do it after the final No. Whistling, after 126 minutes a team gives its heart. When you go to see a referee and you see him smiling and laughing with the other coach, it’s the wrong time. I told him It’s not just about today.


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