Real-Chelsea: Camavinga’s unanimous entry into the game praised


Eduardo Camavinga (19) enters the game on Tuesday, when Real-Chelsea (2-3, AP) in the Champions League is greeted by Carlo Ancelotti and the Spanish press. The midfielder helped his team restore some peace.


Eduardo Camavinga (19) came at the center of the storm. And it helped to undermine his strength. The French midfielder is praised by Spanish media for his performance on Tuesday evening during the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea (2-3, AP). Carlo Ancelotti decided to launch it in the 73rd minute in place of Toni Kroos, who was furious at the sacrifice. Two minutes later, Timo Werner scored (75th) and temporarily eliminated Real. At the time, the French international, heavily taken, was surprised by a pass behind his back from Matteo Kovacic towards Werner.

Breakthrough in time and on Benzema’s goal

But a stroke of brilliance from passer Luka Modric for Rodrigo (80th) revived everything and Camavinga then helped massively scoop the boat that was taking water from all sides. He has already run into the pressure behind Madrid’s first goal.


“Why did we qualify? Because we had more energy than him at the end to survive, Real coach Carlo Ancelotti explained after the match. The change, I made only for that purpose: to put more energy. To hurt the team There was a lot going on, but everyone protested. Rodrigo and Camavinga, it was energy to add. Chelsea’s physical weakness put a lot of pressure on them, and it gave us the advantage in overtime.”

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Already valued against PSG in the previous round, the former Raineys brought his calmness to midfield, abused by the Blues. He often found himself in N’Golo Kante territory, which he knew when he made his debut for the France team in 2020. And the decline of the Blues captain’s pace coincided with the appearance of Camavinga in front of him.


At 47 minutes, the latter played simple, participating in blocking passing angles by his placement (one shot on the mount, 85th, two clearances) without forgetting to advance himself. He is the one who retrieved the ball before passing it to Vinicius on the achievement of Karim Benzema (96th).

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Camavinga's big foul on Pulisic that prevented Chelsea's counterattack
Camavinga’s big foul on Pulisic that blocks Chelsea’s counter-attack © RMC Sport

Above all, he flaunted his calmness in his approach, his technical gestures, and his passes (18, for 77.8% of success). Despite his youthful experience in the competition (11th match), he forfeited the vice by making a gross but necessary mistake in stoppage time at Christian Pulisic (90th + 1). He also tried his luck in extra time but his shot went out of frame (103rd). He emerged victorious from an unexpected aerial duel with goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, his former teammate at Rennes, with whom he explored the Champions League in 2020–2021.

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“He carried the team on his shoulders”

Marka explains, “He entered the team to rise. Light yellow in the 92nd minute, doing as much as he needed to avoid a deadly face-off. From his strength in the game, 2-3 goals were born. That team on his shoulders. Fundamental.” For Us, the former Renais “reactivated” Real. “we never give up!” Camavinga posted on his Instagram account.

Duel between the former Rennes Camavinga-Mendeu

Arrived last summer, the midfielder continues to hold a key position in the rotation (31 games, two goals) after failing to win again in a midfield where competition is strong (Modric, Kroos, Casemiro, Valverde). But his recent entry has an impact on his team’s game. From there to reopen the doors of the blues for him? The question will arise in June for the new session of the League of Nations. He has not been called by Didier Deschamps since October 2020. But his consistent performance certainly didn’t escape the coach.


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