PSG: "With or without him next season, it changes everything"Leonardo confirms talks for Mbappe in Doha

Paris sporting director Leonardo made an astonishing performance after winning PSG’s tenth national title in a very sad atmosphere on Saturday. At the end of the contract, Kylian calling for Mbappe’s future.

Declared in the hot seat at the end of a complicated season for PSG in many respects, sporting director Leonardo assured that there was always a desire to continue his mission as head of the club where he appears at first in line today. “There is no lack of will and energy, but I have made mistakes, we have to admit them”, he admitted on Canal + DeCale, while indicating very vaguely that the errors in question may be more related to recruitment than management can. Of the club

“Losers are orphans, no one wants to believe that,” he smiled, wanting to slip a message. Managers exist, and they are not the only ones to accept failures. “I’m not just talking about me,” he said. Leonardo assured that consideration will be given and options will be made to “start off strong next season” in the coming weeks. Regarding the key issue of the Paris summer, namely the future of Kylian Mbappe, at the end of the contract in Paris, Leonardo was completely optimistic.

Leonardo: “Yes, there are discussions in Doha”

Leonardo said, “Killian is still thinking, I think he’s thinking, chances are he will stay but I think he’s thinking.” “Next season with or without him, it changes everything,” he admitted. Paris SG and Kylian Mbappe’s family held a meeting in Doha on the player’s future after his contract expires in June, with the Paris sporting director confirming on Saturday: “Yes, discussions are taking place in Doha, we are meeting “, admitted Leonardo Canal + Décalé’s microphone.

With the victory of L1, PSG’s attention has now turned to rebuilding the club’s game for the next season, fearing losing the free Mbappé acquired in 2017 for €180 million, the second-highest transfer in history at the time.

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