PSG: Why the gap with supporters is still increasing


The CUP incentive strike against OM (2-1) on Sunday reflects a sense of fatigue among PSG supporters since their Champions League clash against Real Madrid ended. A big misunderstanding reigns with the players and leaders.


Some were shouting about goals and Marseille opposition chants … The Parc des Princes had not vibrated so little since the end of matches behind closed doors on Sunday during the clash against OM (2-1). A stadium remained silent for more than a month after the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP) decided not to encourage its players to show their anger. Elimination still hasn’t passed in the Champions League round of 16 against Real Madrid on March 9. The gap seems to have widened because of Marquinhos’ understanding after the match.

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“I didn’t expect this atmosphere, sorry captain. A ‘classico’, you have to put everything aside, didn’t have time to do that. We understand it, they have their arguments, they don’t” Maybe they don’t answer (they are waiting), but pride and pride had to be set aside for the moment. As a player, I do not agree.’


Paris’ performance against OM did little to fix the very fresh relationship between field and stand. “It’s a lucky win, commented Paris supporter Hervé Cohen at Cope Paris on BFM Paris. It doesn’t bother me anymore, it’s nostalgia. It’s up to them to get the supporters, put the intensity. It’s up to them.” First against second.

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The CUP’s actions are generally well understood in an atmosphere of discontent. “It’s up to the players to ignite this audience, Hervé Cohen continues. It wasn’t enough to get the audience.” Supporters of silence condemn players’ lack of participation for a club with which they do not identify. They point to the accumulation of stars “so at rest”. “At Real, Benzema, who is also a big star, wears his jersey, plays for his club, continues Hervé Cohen. When I hear that we want to recruit Pogba, it is a star that would have been added. is.”

This opinion is divided around the Parc des Princes. “The players demand that we support them in these moments?,” launched Philippe, inserted in Auteuil at Le Parisien. We were in Madrid, we are everywhere to support him throughout the season. In Madrid he suffered. Other than that? Not a single player to inspire the rest of the team again.” Others, however, regret the silence and invite the dissidents not to visit the stadium.


Returning to the presidency of the Cup last week, Romain Mabile called for talks with Paris management. In an interview with Frans Bleu, he justified the action and indicated that he had sent a letter to the club’s president, Nasser al-Khalafi, still unanswered at this time. “We are shocked, by the banner, at the club’s silence,” he said. No one spoke. Nobody tried to fix things. It’s a bit of ostrich policy where everyone is on their side. But we don’t care about it. We are fighting for the guarantees and ends this movement. If nothing has changed then we are not going to come back, otherwise this movement would have been in vain.”

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