PSG: What are the options for managing the Navas-Donnarumma file next season?


Following PSG’s win in Angers this Wednesday evening, Mauricio Pochettino announced that the management of the cohabitation between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma was going to be different next season. The coach of Paris announced the change, but, in short, what are the options that propose themselves to the leaders of the capital’s club?


In the middle of a night of angers, when PSG could not be officially crowned champions of France, Mauricio Pochettino found another way to fuel the debate. If Capital club observers can dread the very dull weeks at Camp des Logs, with the Ligue 1 title only a matter of time, the soap opera that would have animated the entire Paris season experienced a new rebound in the press room. There is the Raymond-Copa Stadium, where the Argentine coach announced changes to the competition between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma.

“The season has been what it has been and no other club in the world is going through a similar situation with its goalkeepers. The camaraderie and competition has been good. But the future will be different, the management will be different”, launched. Pochettino in front of reporters, in response to the release, a few minutes earlier, Keeler Navas on his future in Paris. At the end of a season where the question of cohabitation between the two goalkeepers was central, this exit of the Argentine technician is not anecdotal, even if the latter, declared upon departure at the end of the season, could have won even. That’s not going to have to deal with this file again in a couple of weeks. So, in short, what are the options available to Parisian leaders?

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a clearly established hierarchy

If goalkeeper positions are checked with each announcement of team structure, it is because Pochettino and his staff never established a clear and readable hierarchy. Throughout the season, Paris’s coach had only one credit: making sure his two goalkeepers had time to play and that they didn’t sit on the bench for more than three games in a row. For the rest, Argentina seemed to be in a sort of improvisation.

While Navas and Donnarumma were set up alternately in the Champions League group stage, this option was abruptly interrupted in the final stage, as it was the Italian goalkeeper who scored against Paris during two meetings against Real Madrid in the Round of 16. Cages were kept. Whereas Costa Ricans have always been shining on the European scene. For the next season, a goalkeeper dedicated entirely to the European Cup and another dedicated to Ligue 1, may be a solution within the framework of the changes made by Pochettino.


Departure from one of the two goalkeepers

What seems certain and certain is that neither of them could accept the goalkeeper number two spot. At 23, Donnarumma has just been voted Euro 2021’s best player and the world’s best goalkeeper, so seeing him waxed on the bench for an entire season is highly unlikely. Keelar Navas, 35, has been nearing the end of his career from the beginning, but the former Real Madrid goalkeeper is still hungry. “Of course, I still want to play all the matches, if this year’s situation persists, it will be complicated,” the Costa Rican again announced on Canal+’s microphone this Wednesday, just to emphasize the fact For that he was not yet ready to take on the role of student.

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With this observation, one of the solutions available to Parisian leaders to end this delicate cohabitation is to separate from one of the two individuals. Donnarumma, which arrived for free last summer, is linked with Paris until June 2026, while Navas’ lease in the capital expires at the end of fiscal year 2023–2024. It is hard to imagine that Paris has definitely separated from the Italian goalkeeper just a year after the free hiring, especially since this recruitment, given the former Milanese youth, is the only way to build a medium or long project. more part. period. Can PSG consider loaning him for one season? It’s a choice that was mentioned by many observers last summer for the sequel we know.


The second option is a departure from Navas, who was bought from Real Madrid in the summer of 2019 for 15 million euros. Despite his age, the Costa Rican has a decent side on the transfer market and PSG will have no trouble with him. If he wants to break away from it. Except that Navas has decided not to leave the capital in the coming months. “My family is happy in Paris, I am happy here”, muttered the goalkeeper to Canal+’s microphone after the win against Angers. So the puzzle is not over for the Paris staff.


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