PSG-OM: What the rules say about the controversial penalty for an arm from Rongier

The “classic” between PSG and OM (2-1) was marked by several controversial arbitration decisions. After consulting VAR before the break, François Latexier punished the Parisians for a hand fault by Valentin Rongier. A decision that appears to be unfair to the Marseille clan.

A controversial decision. Kylian Mbappe scored PSG’s winning goal from the penalty spot against OM on Day 32 of Ligue 1 on Sunday (2-1). It is hard to swallow a foul by François Latexier to a handball on the surface by Valentin Rongier before half-time. for the phoenixes.

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If Jorge Sampaoli does not wish to comment on the arbitration decisions, its president, Pablo Longoria, has not displayed similar reservations. “I’m shocked by a lot of decisions. If we have VaR, to avoid this type of refereeing error, sorry to the Spanish leader on Prime Video’s microphone. It’s hard to accept a decision that the world has seen.” “”

Pablo Longoria outlined the facts: The ball touched Valentin Rongier’s thigh before coming into contact with the hand, or elbow. At first, it did not feel right to whistle a foul on this ball of François Latexier Neymar. But video aid intervened, and after consulting the images, the person with the whistle reconsidered his decision.

hand is not always foul

The game’s broadcaster, Prime Video, also argued that VAR may have made a mistake by showing a poor angle to the referee, who could not see first contact with the opposite thigh of the spectators. The rule states that the referee must not sanction “a hand or hand made immediately following the contact of the ball with another part of a player’s body”. Other elements should also be taken into account: “The position of the player’s hand or hand should be judged in relation to the motion of the body in the position examined.”

“The referee didn’t blow the whistle. Without the video referee, he decided to let this action go. Someone from miles away told him: ‘Be careful, something could happen’. He makes the wrong decision in the end because the hand It’s involuntary. It wasn’t an apparent error, it needed to be played,” Kevin Diaz said after the meeting on the after foot.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Gerson also touches the ball with his hand, once deflected by Valentin Rongier, even though François Latexier has whistled well for a foul from the French. In March 2021, the international board governing football amended the rules for handball. “Members of the IFAB confirm that any contact of a player’s hand or hand with the ball is not an obstruction”, the body went on, thus leaving more explanation to the referee: “A player is not allowed to make his own body.” Considered as “unusually long when his arm, or hand position, is not appropriate for that specific position by the movement of the player’s body.”

The distance between the two players involved in the action must also be taken into account. And there again, this notion could have saved the Folks. “The distance between Neymar and Rongier is so short that I don’t see how Rongier could have deliberately spread his arms,” ​​said former Said Enjimi at L’Equipe.

Whistling was not the only refereeing fact of the evening, as well as not allowing a goal for OM, after consultation with VAR, for an offside position by William Saliba on the resumption of a free kick by Dimitri Payet. Still second in the standings, Om will have to forget that “classic” this Wednesday, with a welcome to Nantes (9 p.m.).

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