PSG-OM: Rothen rejects Parisians’ interest in Classic


Four days before the Classic, Jerome Rothen worries at RMC, about a potential poor performance by PSG, if OM manages to put in some intensity.

Clearly a favorite of this classic that kicks off Day 32 of Ligue 1, Sunday (8:45 pm), could Paris Saint-Germain surprise the Olympique de Marseille? For Jerome Rothen, a surprise cannot be ruled out if Folkens manages to play a game with great intensity, thanks to his inspiration. This is all in the context of the strike by supporters of the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP).


“In Marseille, this match is theirs. With the rhythm, the intensity, a compact team, you know very well that you will upset PSG”, warned the former French international, who spoke in his episode on Wednesday evening . Rothen Kindle on RMC.

“This PSG team is like that. The majority [des joueurs] Collectively can’t manage to cross themselves to make more effort, and they only think about their face, they’ll get it in the nose after a while. I am not saying that the Parisians will lose, because they are so strong on the offensive. But in a match, if Marseille works well and is solid, be careful that it is not bad for Paris Saint-Germain”.


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“They don’t care about the game”

“It hurts to talk about PSG like this. But Neymar, Messi, Paredes, Herrera, Danilo, Hakimi… Do you really believe that the rivalry with Marseille is rooted in their heads? Tells, they don’t do anything to square off”, also criticizes Jerome Rothen.


For him, this lack of interest in the conscience of Parisians on social networks is also reflected: “Marcilla, we hear them. They are already at their match. (…) At that time, if there was a means of communication that Today we have, three-quarters of Parisians will have already communicated. Today, what do we have? We saw two or three juggles (of Neymar and Veratti) with Djokovic apart from Mbappe talking about the match , but they don’t care about the match. Is it normal? Is it normal that we don’t listen to Leonardo, nor to the president? After a moment, if you want people to encourage you, at least try!”

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