PSG-OM: Rothen approves Paris militants’ stimulus strike


The Indian Paper consultant and former PSG player, Jerome Rothen, “understands” the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP)’s decision to remain silent for the “Classic” at the Parc des Princes this Sunday during the match count for the league’s 32nd day. took. 1.

For a “classic” this Sunday at the Parc des Princes, members of the Collectif Ultra Paris (CUP) will be “present but silent”. Ligue 1, leaders PSG will once again face the boycott of their own supporters, 12 points ahead of OM, ahead of the counting of votes on the 32nd day of the championship.


The same decision was already taken by the Cup during the meetings against Bordeaux (3–0) and Lorient (5–1). The team is still unable to digest the Champions League knockout stages exit against Real Madrid, where the scenario is regrettable. Therefore no TIFO should be deployed at the Auteuil stand this Sunday when both teams enter.

Former PSG player and now The Indian Paper consultant, Jerome Rothen “understands” Ultras’ decision. “I encourage them to challenge PSG’s performance every time after Madrid. Afterwards, if there are many people who can change things or at least take things a different direction in the leaders’ heads If so, it’s a supporter of the club, believes the former Parisian, always a loyal observer of the club. They have been there all the time for many years. They also represent the soul of the club. We should take into account their dissatisfaction.”

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“I encourage them to continue to whistle and strike”

However, PSG only have the championship to play for at the end of the season and this meeting against Om promises to be one of the last highlights. “It’s not because it’s a match against Marseille and it’s really the highest rivalry of our championship that they should put their frustrations aside, supports Jerome Rothen. Best to show the leaders once again The way that change is needed is to show it with every outing and even more so in a match like this. I encourage him to continue to whistle and strike.”

During the match against Bordeaux, all players except Kylian Mbappe were whistled. The international press was moved by the treatment specifically reserved for Lionel Messi and Neymar. “Later, he’ll have to be there. We’re not talking about humiliation or violence because it has nothing to do with the stadium, Rothen warned. We must admit that a supporter also has a say and His dissatisfaction should be taken into account. Management has better interest in doing so.”


The CUP had called for progress and concrete action in the face of their demands before the match against Lorient. But there was no discussion between the two camps while the PSG leaders are angry with the attitude of the supporters. For the “classic”, the police force will also be strengthened, even though OM supporters are prohibited from traveling. The match does not inspire fear for the forces of the system and all eyes will be on Ultra.

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