PSG-OM: Paris emerges victorious from a tasteless classic, the title is drawing to a close

Paris Saint-Germain dominated OM this Sunday (2-1) at the Parc des Princes, cementing their lead in Ligue 1. The Capital Club could be the French champions next week.

Paris is going more in line with its ambitions at the start of the season. Luck for Paris supporters, the dynamic is taking shape as the season in question comes to an end. Relegated from the Champions League and Coupe de France, the Capital club are almost assured of a Ligue 1 title after their tasteless win (2–1) against OM, at the end of the last classic of the season.

This was one of the challenges of this match: ball control (58% for Fokens). Marseilles multiplied the passes, and the leather circulated widely between the legs of George Sampaoli’s men. But without appeal or risk taking, possession doesn’t earn points. Forced to retreat to seek an alternative against a well-organized Parisian laundry, Marseille suspected of not having succeeded in perforating or disrupting the Parisian defence.

Mauricio Pochettino’s players had no trouble slipping, and it was easy enough for Paris to defend against such possession. It was then necessary to find something else to hope for, to skeptical Parisians. A terrifying mistake from Gianluigi Donnarumma, who certainly hasn’t been the same since Madrid, finally allowed Dimitri Pet’s teammates to equalize on his first shot (31st). After an animated first half hour by the goalkeepers – Pau López also pierced Neymar’s score (12th) in the opener – Paris Saint-Germain picked up the pace and increased the pressure.

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Only one shot counted in the second half

In difficulty upon his reminder, Om suffers great damage in the last lap of an hour, taking a great risk on his way to the rescue. The plan paid off at first, as Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi were flagged for offside, in turn. The dangerous Neymar from the set piece was quite restless in the last quarter of an hour. One of his small balloons, distilled on defense, was inadvertently removed from his hand (after contact with his thigh, hence the controversy) by Rongier, who did not survive video aid.

After consulting the images, Mr Latexier indicated the penalty spot. Claimed by the Parc des Princes, Kylian Mbappé appeared against Pau Lopez, scoring his third goal from the season’s penalty spot (45th + 5) with a powerful shot from the right-to-left corner of the Marseille goal. Apparently, Mbappe scored 7 goals against OM in Ligue 1, which no other Parisian player had been able to do before him. Changes made by George Sampaoli at the beginning of the second period, with the entry of Amin Harit), gave Aum a new impetus, but the improvement was short-lived. And the rhythm quickly fell into the particularly cozy atmosphere of the Parc des Princes.

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Sampaoli tried to make his voice heard from his technical area, where we saw him shouting and pointing, nothing worked. Players from both teams did not manage to extricate themselves from this false rhythm, especially due to the many minor faults committed by the players of the two teams. Saliba thought he would wake up the Parc des Princes by equalizing in the final ten minutes (83rd), but his goal, like many others in this match, was denied by video assist.

In the end, even though OM never lost the game, only one shot (1 for OM, 0 for PSG) was recorded in the second half, even more tragic than the first. Thanks to this success, Paris could become the champion of France next week. As for OM, they retain their runners-up position at Stade Renais with a three-point lead.

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