PSG-OM: "i don’t agree with that"Marquinhos rebukes Paris militants after their strike

As announced, PSG extremists honored the stimulus strike on Sunday evening during PSG-OM (2-1), to express their dissatisfaction with the recent expulsion in the Champions League and the club’s management. be revealed. But Paris captain Marquinhos did not like to play in this environment. And he said it clearly.

Cries of joy from the side, essentially, a few words of love for Kylian Mbappe, whistles and insults for Marseille, but above all, long moments of silence, haunting the posters … while PSG on Sunday evening Ko defeated Om in Ligue 1 at the Parc des Princes (2–1), the meeting was marked by a strike of encouragement by the Paris militants, expressing dissatisfaction with the club’s recent finish in the Champions League and the management of the club. Can go What Marquinhos did not appreciate.

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“We had to put pride and pride aside”

When asked by Prime Video when the final whistle was blowing, the Brazil defender didn’t mince his words to express his dissent. “I didn’t expect this atmosphere, he let go. A ‘classico’, you have to put everything aside, didn’t have time to do that. We understand it, they have arguments, they can’t have answers.” (which is what they expected), but pride and pride had to be set aside for that moment. As a player, I disagree.”

With respect to the match, relatively disappointing, the Paris captain topped… three points. “We remember the victory, it was a match to win, he noted. If it is accompanied by a good game, all the better, but the most important thing is to win. We came here to play well and not to lose, We came to win this match. There are always three more points against a direct opponent. We showed we had the upper hand. We want this title and we are not going to give up.” A title that could fall on Wednesday, PSG now have a 15-point lead on OM six days from the end.

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