PSG-OM: For Rothen, Parisians are responsible for the tragic spectacle presented

Jerome Rothen didn’t really appreciate the clash between PSG and OM at the end of Day 32 of Ligue 1 (2-1) on Sunday. Our consultant The Indian Paper believes that Parisians are primarily responsible for the tragic spectacle presented at the Parc des Princes.

a deep boredom. The clash between PSG and OM left football fans largely disappointed at the end of Day 32 of Ligue 1 (2-1) on Sunday. At the end of a soporific match, the Parisians won thanks to a goal from Neymar and a penalty from Kylian Mbappe. But this top of the championship, between first and second in the standings, gave rise to a tragic spectacle in the Parc des Princes, in the eyes of the public quelled by the strike of militants, who again remained silent at Viraje Auteuil.

“For a great match, you need two great teams. But the ones who are responsible are the Parisians,” Jerome Rothen said in his show Rothen Ignites on RMC. They’ve got used to being without atmosphere for a few matches , because the cup is on strike. And we can understand them. It shows how much the club has grown. There is less passion. When there is no show on the pitch, it doesn’t encourage people to applaud …”

“We deserve to expect a little more spectacle”

In the end, Paris scored a narrow victory against its Marseille rival. By benefiting from several favorable arbitration decisions.

“If it weren’t for these sporting facts, PSG would not have won this match, assures Rothen. When you have so much budget, with stars and a coach so well paid, we deserve “A little more farce. It’s always the same thing. The team has been playing in a rapid transition since the beginning of the year. PSG is unable to make the game. It’s their fault.”

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