PSG-OM: Donnarumma-López, management of goalkeepers debate after classic

Mistakes by Paul Lopez and Gianluigi Donnarumma have exposed the current fever of OM and PSG goalkeepers, due to questionable management of the position.

There was no suggestion of such a result against Real Madrid before the knockout rounds of the Champions League. That evening, at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Gianluigi Donnarumma sinned with overconfidence. Half a second of hesitation (and an untold foul from Karim Benzema) accelerated PSG’s fate in C1. and ruined all the progress he had seen in a year in which he would have long been irreversible, playing in the Champions League for the first time in his career, at the end of a Euro that earned him the best goalkeeper and best tournament title. The player was given This match was to allow them to consolidate the n°1 position that Mauricio Pochettino was finally ready to give them.

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Fever about the only Marseille shot on target

But the evening turned in the wrong direction for him, and it is clear that the year 2022 of Gianluigi Donnarumma has turned into a nightmare. Whether at the club or in selection, the Italian goalkeeper experiences a worrying fever. PSG’s last rampage was at fault again on Sunday evening, turning the ball towards their own goal at the returning corner from Dimitri Payet, offering the possibility of a Duje Caleta-Carr at the far post to push the ball backwards. Of. Why the net On the leg – an area where he had been convinced of his ability to play under pressure – he issued the same fever. What gives bad grain to grind those immediately critical of the option of setting up a rotation among goalkeepers at Paris Saint-Germain.

Donnarumma lost the ball in confusion
Donnarumma lost the ball in confusion © @IconSport

In other words, the ongoing debate over the management of goalkeepers at Paris Saint-Germain has not ended the discussion around the capital club. Especially since the PSG season is over. Paris Saint-Germain should be crowned champions of France this week, at Angers on Wednesday or against Lens on Sunday, for the tenth time in their history, and win the only title they can claim this season on the national scene. is, after its early abolition, in the Coupe de France. So the question of hierarchy will settle down in a few days and should lead to a good portion of exchanges in the off-season between management and sports staff. Keylor Navas is under contract until 2024, Gianluigi Donnarumma until 2026. It is almost certain that the two men would never want to re-live this almost unique cohabitation between the two best goalkeepers in the world at the highest level.

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s recruitment at the end of his contract at Milan last summer responded to a market opportunity that was hard to pass up, whatever the purists think. Even though Keylor Navas gave full satisfaction, so much so that he had extended his contract. The management of Paris Saint-Germain, who are presented as the most promising of the decade to come, eager to prepare for the future with their hands on a goalkeeper, did not want to spin this golden opportunity. He has to accept it now, and he may be given the keys to the truck once and for all. But like many others on this file of goalkeepers who promise to shake up the Paris summer, one unknown remains: who will be in charge next season?

Pau Lopez, Unlimited Credits?

The situation is quite different in Marseille, where the competition declared to Steve Mandanda at the start of the season was not really one. What the goalkeeper has understood in weeks. Jorge Sampaoli had a clear idea in his mind what he wanted to keep. And he felt, rightly or wrongly, that Steve Mandanda did not present the correct profile. So he got it in his head to recruit a goalkeeper to suit this ambition of the game, and Providence gave him Pau López. Not long ago, doubts arose about the true level of this Spanish goalkeeper, who had come from Rome, where he had been living for a complicated season. Arriving wounded, Lopez quickly took the starting position.

The switch happened during a match in Monaco (2–0) on 11 September. Steve Mandanda didn’t really appreciate this sudden downgrading, and even less to go back to the bench without any explanation. Holder in the Europa League and the author of three good matches in a row, Steve Mandanda could have sowed doubts in the mind of his coach, who also welcomed the competition brought in by the international. But there was no doubt that Pau Lopez – “very consistent throughout the season”, according to his coach – would get his starting spot in the Classic. And the Iberian was quick to shine, but missed out on Neymar entirely, in the bad sense of the word, allowing the Brazilian to open the scoring.

Pau López punched under pressure from Marquinhos

Pau López was alerted by a feverish leg on a powerful free kick from Neymar that took the direction of the skylight. Kylian Mbappe, on the other hand, could not do anything on a penalty, although he started from the right side. Nevertheless, the Spaniard’s performance is unlikely to end the controversy over his use in goal, and the unlimited credit he enjoys with his coach. Not rewarded for his efforts, Steve Mandanda is doomed to play second fiddle in the league, at least until the end of the season. He can always console himself in the semi-finals of the Europa Conference League where he is the decider. C4 is the last chance for OM to win a title this season, and the DNA of the European Cup club, Mandanda could see an opportunity to upset the established hierarchy.

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