PSG-OM: A deputy defends Guendouzi on target of humiliation


Sacha Huli expressed his support for Matteo Guendouzi after OM lost the classic against PSG (2-1) on Sunday. A great supporter deputy of the Marseille club defended the Marseille environment targeted by insults on social networks.

A classic, like the final, is won and all means are good to get there. Passed by PSG and now part of the Marseille squad, Matteo Guandouzzi has done everything possible to try to offer victory to Om, who is slightly roughed up by a simulation during a duel with Neymar. Didn’t get away from expulsion for his bloodshed following the sequence, inciting Brazil’s anger, warned and did not.


If Paris won this clash (2–1) on Day 32 of Ligue 1, Matteo Guandouzzi was the target of criticism and even the humiliation of some le-de-France fans. MP Sacha Huli (LREM) this Monday came out to his aid in a message posted on the social network.

>> PSG-OM (2-1)


Guendouzi. prohibited criticism against

Wien’s deputy, a great football enthusiast and in particular the co-author of a report on protivism, took a stand in favor of the 23-year-old midfielder. This great Om supporter has unveiled a special bill in response to the insult to the patronage of George Sampaoli.

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“Article 1: It is forbidden to criticize Matteo Guendouzzi”, posted Sacha Huli on the social network.


If we trust the message, Matteo Guandouzzi seems to be one of those players we hate when we support our opponent but love when we for OM.


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