PSG: No leniency for Mitchut, suspended after their red card at Angers

The LFP disciplinary committee upheld the red card received by Edouard Michut on Thursday at the end of the match in Angers (3-0) on Wednesday. The young Paris midfielder, 19, receives a strong suspension match like Idrissa Guay for collecting the yellow card.

Mauricio Pochettino may not have been enough. Stepping up to the plate on Wednesday evening after Angers-PSG (0-3, Day 33 of Ligue 1), Paris Saint-Germain’s coach argued in favor of Edouard Michut, who was kicked out of the match in extra time. Minutes after the 19-year-old young midfielder had entered the game, Romain Thomas was inadvertently hit with a single hit.

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A clumsy and involuntary intervention, which did not deserve a red card for Pochettino. “The problem is the referee. I think there was a mistake. He touched the leg but it was involuntary. He didn’t do it intentionally. (…) Of course, it was dangerous, but it wasn’t voluntary. Very disappointed, I hope this can be reviewed and the red card will be cancelled”, he argued in Canal + Decale’s microphone.

A hitch at the end of the season that he wanted to take advantage of

The League’s Disciplinary Committee has actually reviewed the action required. This Thursday the body retained Mitchut’s red card. Which imposed a strict suspension on the Tithi of Paris. A blow to the promising midfielder (6 games in all competitions this season with the pros), who plans to make the most of the rotation offered to youngsters at the end of the championship, allowing PSG an almost assured title in Ligue 1 was given by ,

Other restrictions of the commission:

Also excluded on Wednesday, Nantes Marcus Coco was suspended for a firm match. Trojan Mama Balde received a two-game suspension, while Clermontois Alidu Sedu was suspended for one game. For his part, Messina striker Ibrahima Niane was evicted during the 32nd day on Sunday. He was suspended from two games, one of which was suspended, meaning he has already served his closed game on Wednesday evening.

In addition, eight players were suspended for receiving a third yellow card in a period of 10 official matches or one match by the revocation of the suspension: Idrissa Guay (PSG), Stian Gregerson (Bordeaux), Ludovic Blass, Andrei. Girotto and Fabio (Nantes), Aurelian Tchoumeni, Axel Disassi and Vanderson (Monaco). An approval that will take effect from Tuesday, April 26.

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