PSG: Mbappe gives his opinion on possible captaincy


Kylian Mbappe has still not announced his decision to extend the adventure in France or leave the capital club, with his contract with PSG at the end of the season. Eager to keep the striker, the possibility of the leaders to offer the captain’s armband to the French has already been mentioned. In mixed territory, Mbappe returned to this possibility.

Kylian Mbappe, the top scorer in Ligue 1 with 22 goals, played a major role in securing a tenth title for PSG. This trophy may be the last trophy achieved by a striker within the capital’s club. At the end of the contract in June, the Frenchman’s future is still uncertain, even though leaders hope to extend his contract to the 23-year-old.


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To persuade him to stay in France, the possibility of wearing the captain’s armband could be an argument on paper. Asked about the possibility in the mixed field, Mbappe did not intend to request his management: “It is not to ask. It is something that comes naturally. We had Thiago Silva who A great captain, naturally Marquinhos took over.”


“He (Marquinhos) is the captain of PSG”

Marquinhos, who has been at PSG since 2013, has become very important in the workforce over the years. So much so that after the departure of Thiago Silva, he always seemed to be the captain of the team. A destiny realized from last season. Under contract until 2024, the defender shouldn’t pack up anytime soon and the loss of an armband could seem like a rejection.

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One parameter taken into account by Mbappe who doesn’t want to put his teammate in a precarious position: “He’s ready to be the captain and he’s a very good captain. It’s a bit humiliating for him and puts him in a bad position.” “Easy. He is the captain of PSG and he has a long contract here, he will be there for many years and we have to support him.” To see if the leaders of Paris would still be able to take advantage of his talents, he would make this offer to him.


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