PSG: Marquinhos in trouble after his failed performance against Real Madrid


Marquinhos, a guest of Canal Football Club, believed in his successful season, but was tainted by this elimination against Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League. The PSG captain also issued a new message for supporters.

“We are the players after a match like this, we are the first to be in trouble.” When Canal Football Club asked him to consider elimination against Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Marquinhos did not mince his words. The PSG captain, who says he is satisfied with his 2021-2022 practice, admits he missed his match that evening.


“The next day was a day when even water was hard to swallow”

“I am very satisfied with what I have done in my performance,” enthuses the much-valued Marquinhos in the central hinge of Paris Saint-Germain this season. The defender then immediately returns to the match that will remain the big black point of his season, the return match against Real Madrid, where the entire team is drowned. “There was a very important match where I was not at my average”, recalls the Brazilian, who adds on his good work in the long run “to be clear with ourselves”: “In these small details, we have to do better. Was in matches like this.”

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A match that is still on people’s minds, if we are to believe Marquinhos: “It was a tough match to digest against Real. We players after a match like this, sorry for the word, we were the first It’s in the dirt. It was an important game for us. The next day was a day when even water was hard to swallow.”


The defender also admits that Benzema was “great” in the second leg and becomes a bit disillusioned: “I won the duel in the first game and he duel in the second. Maybe I should have focused better on my actions, sometimes- Sometimes you want to think so much of others…”

“We Need Supporters”

The PSG defender has made another appeal to supporters, who have been on strike since this humiliating elimination in the Champions League. “We need supporters”, immediately replies Marquinhos when asked about this prolonged absence despite the French champion’s 10th title. A classic or a match without supporters is at stake, “it’s not the same thing”, the captain recalls.


As a good captain, he recalls that it is the supporters who allow the players to wake up and sometimes lead to some victories: “When with the usual crazy atmosphere at the Parc des Princes, such When matches happen, supporters play a very important role in our energy, our focus and our motivation, and they are paramount.”

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