PSG: "let it be where it is"Rothen doesn’t want Conte with great salary


Jerome Rothen is not thrilled with the possible arrival of Antonio Conte on the Paris Saint-Germain bench. At Rothen’s show this Tuesday, the former Paris midfielder justified his choice because of the Italian coach’s lack of passion for PSG and his too high demands.

While still in position at Tottenham, Antonio Conte transmitted his requirements through his squad to get onto the PSG bench. Beyond salary issues, the Italian coach is seeking full powers. If the Ile-de-France club hasn’t contacted the technician yet, Jerome Rothen spotted this file could actually sound the death knell for Mauricio Pochettino’s adventure in Paris. The Dream Team The Indian Paper member clearly does not want the Italian in such circumstances.


“Absolutely not, you don’t need a Conte at PSG. When you hear his demands, let him be where he is. Above all, don’t come to a club like Paris Saint-Germain, which needs to restore its image. The need and to rebuild a more healthy image, launched the former midfielder in the show Rothen ignited on RMC. You need passionate people. Passionate about football, I’m not saying Conte is not, But he seems more passionate about his checkbook than coaching Tottenham, Paris or any other team. That would already be problematic.”

Rothen doesn’t want a coach to choose his sports director

The Indian Paper this Tuesday unveiled the requirements for the Conte clan to land and take over from Mauricio Pochettino in Paris. In addition to doubling his salary to around €30 million a year, the Italian coach is looking to elect PSG’s sporting director, take control of recruitment and work with the expanded staff he has chosen. If Antonio Conte does not lower his demands, it is not for the former international tricolor.

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“It’s financially complicated to decline an offer like PSG’s offer. This was the case with Pochettino, with Tuchel, with Emery. It’s the reality, relaunched Jerome Rothen on Tuesday. Already “We have a coach who is chosen by a sports director. And not the other way around. If you let these things happen, you’re not finished.”

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And a member of the dream team The Indian Paper adds: “What stays and happens in a club: in the locker room, what is it you have speech. What religion reigns in the locker room is football, passion and Wishing to win together respecting the club’s values ​​and colors is what PSG needs today. […] You need a sports director with very specific thoughts and ideas that go with the values ​​and institution of Paris Saint-Germain. That’s the most important.”

“Such financial positions are FC Conte and no longer PSG”

This is what Paris needs, according to PSG president and a strong sporting director, Jerome Rothen, who recalls that the coach will be chosen by the player’s boss. Antonio Conte, why not, but not at that cost.


“If it’s Conte and he comes for the right reasons, I say yes every day because he brings up this grinta, mentor still left at his show on RMC. I think Conte will quickly leave for that club.” Recognizes with whom he coaches. But not under these financial conditions. There, it will no longer be PSG. Already only PSG, old and historical, we no longer recognize ourselves there. If you are in such financial conditions If we recruit a coach for it, it is FC Conte and it will no longer be PSG.”

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Rothen supporters of Julian Stephan’s arrival in Paris

Not really in favor of the arrival of Antonio Conte on the PSG bench, in any case not for €30 million a season, Jerome Rothen slipped another name to succeed Mauricio Pochettino. The former Paris midfielder doesn’t understand why Julian Stephan doesn’t have a chance in Paris.


“Sports director, I don’t have a name because I don’t work at the club, but it’s important to have a sports director who has enough ideas and who manages to send a message to the stars,” Jerome Rothen said at the end. […] It’s okay to have a name, and PSG tried. There have been great coaches to win overseas like Tuchel, Emery or Ancelotti. Pochettino didn’t become a loser overnight.”

Before proposing Julian Stephane as PSG coach: “If only in Ligue 1, you look and you take the best French coach in Ligue 1. Today Paris has the means to attract him. We salute him openly Must be because he was dirty in the end. Raines. What Julian Steffen did in Strasbourg in a short amount of time is remarkable. Did it shock Julian Steffen at PSG? Locker room, he can manage it and he can make it a strong game with the director.”


Jean-Guy Lebreton with RMC


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