PSG: Leonardo’s punishment on Mbappe’s future that will worry Real Madrid

Brazilian sporting director Leonardo spoke about the future of his striker Kylian Mbappe after PSG’s 10th rout in Ligue 1 against Lens (1-1) on Saturday evening. If he did not leak any information about a possible extension, he mocked Real Madrid who are waiting for the Frenchman with open arms.

Will you leave, won’t you leave? Kylian Mbappe’s future is still unclear. At the end of the contract at PSG, the striker of the France team has not made his choice. Or in any case did not communicate it. On the PSG side, we expect the world champions to move on. Leonardo confirmed to discuss with his family in Doha on Saturday evening, after winning the French title against Lens (1-1) on Saturday evening. “Let’s meet,” said the Paris sports director at Canal+. “Killian is still thinking, I think he’s thinking, there’s a possibility he’ll stay but I think he’s thinking. Next season with or without him, that changes everything.”

“In Madrid, they have been convinced for three years that Mbappe will sign for Real…”

That will change for Real Madrid as well, which have been waiting for the French star for a long time. Asked by Italian media about the interest of the Spanish giant, “Leo” replied with a humour: “In Madrid, they have been convinced for three years that Mbappe will sign for Real … maybe they are too much about it. are certain.”

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If Leonardo addresses a small spade to the Parisians’ executioner in the Champions League, he admits that he has not managed this hyper-sensitive file in the best way: “I think we made mistakes, that’s for sure.” Form is, he said. He recognized mixed areas in it. It’s time to think. Silence gives us time to think, look at things. It’s time to decide, choose, explore, organize, a vision for the club’s future. It’s time to settle.”

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