PSG: Leonardo ready to decide between Donnarumma and Navas


Asked by Italian television after receiving the PSG title against Lens (1-1) this Saturday evening, Leonardo cited the example of the competition for the goalkeeper position between Navas and Donnarumma. “When the time comes, we will have no problem making a decision,” he said.


The tenth title of champion of France was finally formalized, Leonardo let go. After discussing Kylian Mbappe, Mauricio Pochettino and his own future, PSG’s sporting director returns to a topic that has been the red thread of the club’s season: the goalkeeper position and the competition between Keylor Navas and Gianluigi Donnarumma. .



The arrival of Donnarumma, “an operation to be performed”

“The situation has been clear from the start. We had a goalkeeper in Navas who was doing very well and we were very happy. Donnarumma has become one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world,” he told Sky Sport’s microphone. An operation to be done despite the presence of tha Nawas”. Having succeeded in this major setback, PSG then faced funding problems, as confirmed by Leonardo.

“We have to manage them and we tried to give them both rhythm and consistency, he breathes. They know everything clearly: when the time comes, we will have no problem making decisions. One for all Alright, we’ll look into it”. Admitted free last summer, the Italian goalkeeper is under contract until 2026, while his Costa Rican counterpart, 12 years his senior, will be free in two years.

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24 games for Navas, 22 games for Donnarumma

This season, Keylor Navas has played 24 games in all competitions compared to 22 for Gianluigi Donnarumma, who started his season later after his title of European champions with Italy and notably against Real Madrid in the knockout. Maintained Paris’ goal in a double collision. Stages of the Champions League.


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