PSG: "he was not honest"Settles accounts with Sierra Leonardo

From 2007 to 2012, Ceara held the position of right-back at PSG. But since the arrival of QSI in 2011, the Brazilian has seen a decrease in his playing time. In 2012, the now 41-year-old saw his contract expire. In an interview with L’Equipe, Ceara goes behind the scenes of his departure and a promise not kept by the sports director, Leonardo.

Shortly after he took over as PSG chief in 2011, QSI rapidly changed the face of a team that was struggling to reach the podium. Founded in a right-side position since 2007, Ceara hasn’t escaped the workforce reshuffle. In 2012, Brazil saw his contract expire and Cruzeiro returned to Brazil.

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A departure that Sierra really couldn’t digest. In an interview with L’Equipe, the latter explains that sporting director Leonardo informed him in 2011 that he would have a role in the Qatari project: “I was the captain of PSG and Leonardo called to tell me It was for Ancelotti to come over and tell me that he was counting on me for this project.” But in reality, the leaders had very different ambitions.

“He wanted to recruit Daniel Alves or Macon”

To be competitive again in Europe, PSG is looking forward to seeing renowned players. If Javier Pastor is supposed to be the first “star” to believe in the club’s project, Leonardo intended to recruit a big name for the position on the right side. A decision that greatly disappointed Cera: “He wasn’t honest because he wanted to recruit Danielle Alves or Macon. I’m sorry because I could have contributed to this change of mindset.”

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If he missed the opportunity to progress “by playing with more professional, more skilled players”, the Brazilian could cross paths with the Parisians. Shortly after his departure, Cera revealed that he had received an offer from a French club: “I declined an offer from Saint-tienne and I returned to Brazil.”

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