PSG: Five players still in hospital before Om, Kurzawa well taken care of

Filmed blocked at the entrance to the Paris Saint-Germain training center this Saturday, Levin Kurzawa was later called in for medical treatment. He is one of five players absent for Sunday’s match against Olympique de Marseille.

The video quickly garnered buzz, but no, the international was not “failed” by the Paris training. This Saturday, Levin Kurzawa was blocked by a supporter in front of the gate of the Camp des Loges training center. Paris Saint-Germain arrived full-back 15 minutes after the declared time of the session: the scene was therefore interpreted by some fans as a delay on their part. In fact, he is one of five players absent for the match against Olympique de Marseille and was on his way to treatment. It may have passed through a secondary entrance.

In the video, we can see the Frenchman with his Ferrari turning around to get back on the road. Kurzawa was heading to the parking lot through a second entrance built about three years ago, which is separate from the main one in front of which fans usually wait. Also in the hospital, Abdul Diallo also arrived at the same time as his companion. PSG clarified that it was a problem with the rotation of the security team, which meant there was no agent to open the door for them.

Herrera and Paredes also absent

To put an end to all the rumours, Kurzawa himself posted a story on Instagram within minutes where we see him training at the gym. After a calf injury, the former Monegasque is still recovering. In this season, he will have featured in only one meeting with PSG: Champions Trophy on 1 August. Since then, he has been kept away or shamed by physical concerns by Mauricio Pochettino.

Kurzawa and Diallo appear on the list of absentees for this Sunday’s Olympique de Marseille reception, along with three other players. Leandro Paredes, who operated for puberty, continues to be treated, as is Julian Drexler, currently being treated at the Ooredoo Center after surgery on the outer meniscus of his right knee. Ander Herrera should resume mass training next week.

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