PSG: "close your mouth"Rothen asks Neymar to make himself short after his hat-trick against Clermonte

Jerome Rothen did not applaud Neymar’s statements following his hat-trick against Clermont this weekend. According to him, the Brazilian has missed out on the key deadline of the Paris season and should remain restrained until the end of the championship.

PSG’s 6-1 slap against Clermont won’t end the elimination’s disillusionment in the Champions League. “Something that has bothered me all weekend is the statements of a few”, explained Jerome Rothen in Rothen, this Monday on RMC. The former Paris Saint-Germain player usually regrets that the Parisians are happy with his latest results.

“Today, whether they shine against Lorient or Clermont, the least they can do is assure Rothen. Yes, but you were bored for 70 minutes, and I was there at the Parc des Princes, I know what I’m talking about. Thanks to Kylian Mbappé who replaced this team, PSG Well finished and you’re left with just the right impression: Neymar a double, messy assist three, it’s fantastic.”

“But Neymar? But shut up!”

“At Clermont, you can imagine, two hat-tricks, Rothen continues. Mbappe, I’m not going to fall on him because he’s been like that since the beginning of the season. But Neymar? But shut up! You give us three goals and You come and be smart because you’ve scored 5 goals in two games? He takes us all for idiots. (…) We ask him for the least respect, be good against Marseille because it The last big match on which the supporters are waiting for you.”

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But regardless of the end of the season for Paris and Neymar, Rothen believes the divorce has ended with supporters and perhaps even with the club. “It won’t erase the rest. I think most people want Neymar to go in June. And like incidentally, by saying and seeing, today in Doha they ask the question. They took the time but they think it’s a bad one.” The idea was to extend it and take it.

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