PSG: Behind the scenes of the Cup boycott for the end of the season


Supporters believe that the cheering against Om on Sunday made a mark and may even lead to a redistribution of the cards. Meanwhile, the controversy continues and could last until the end of the season, even during the celebration of the champions of France’s very likely 10th title.

“A ‘classico’, you have to put everything aside, didn’t have time to do this. We understand that, they have their arguments, they may not have their answers, but for the sake of putting pride and pride aside At that moment I do not agree as a player. A statement signed by Marquinhos at the Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP) on Sunday evening after his team’s success (2-1) against OM. Main group of supporters Victory in a relaxed atmosphere with the new boycott of. Viraj Auteuil applied the “present but silent” formula, as during the match against Lorient. But this time with a new chairman, Romain Mabile.


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The words of the PSG captain went unnoticed inside the cup. According to Parisian ultras, this media release proves that the challenge is starting to take effect. Proponents believe that this classic without atmosphere, with a returned tarpaulin, marked spirits and could even redistribute cards. Notably from the day before, Romain Mabil sent a letter to President Nasser al-Khalafi, in which he extended his hand and said that he was ready for discussion. But the behavior of these supporters is struggling to reach the highest peak of the club. The PSG remains a strong institution, with its management working for a long time to bring back its militants. The club is also recording a historic renewal campaign for Port d’Etuil regulars with a renewal rate of 97.6% and over 17,000 people on the waiting list.

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A string of controversies during the festivities for the title?

Meanwhile, the controversy continues and could well go on till the end of the season. But even during the celebration of the 10th title of the champion of France, the club begins to prepare for the celebration in anticipation of the appearance of the Cup. Out of the question of giving without progress and concrete action from Paris management collectively. Despite everything, he would like to take advantage of this moment of celebration. The strike in place is not intended to go on indefinitely, especially since it is proving to be exhausting for cardholders. But today there has been no discussion between the two camps. Jean-Claude Blanc (General Manager) and Michel Besnard (Security Director) remain the club’s representatives on the matter.

Meanwhile, Collectif Ultra Paris must still make an exception. Especially with heavy attendance during the women’s semi-final against OL on Saturday 30 April (9 PM). But also for PSG handball, with the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France against Montpellier scheduled for Thursday (9:10 pm).


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