Premier League: Towards the return of alcohol in the stands during matches, "a madness" according to police

The British government is expected to allow the consumption of alcohol in the stands during next season’s matches for the first time in 37 years, the English press reported on Monday. Currently, this is only possible in the corridors and at halftime of matches.

We are heading towards a small revolution for the British supporters. According to the Daily Mail report, spectators should be allowed to consume alcohol in the stands during matches from next season. The British government on Monday approved amendments to a 1985 law that prohibits a supporter from drinking in his seat.

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This decision, taken to fight against felony for 37 years, has allowed fans in English stadiums to consume alcohol in the corridors and only during half-times of matches. From now on it will be possible at their headquarters and for the duration of the meeting.

“The moment is bizarre”, condemns the police

The English Football League (EFL), which is the equivalent of the LFP in our neighbors across the Channel, is pleased with the decision which will bring additional revenue to the clubs. The body has calculated that drinking alcohol at its headquarters will likely offer additional revenue, a total of £35 million (41.5 million euros) to Premier League and Championship clubs.

However, the new measure has the police worried. Last November, while lifting the ban was in the pipe, Cheshire Police Chief Mark Roberts spoke of “madness” in a Daily Mail column.

“We are talking about something that was put in place to make matches safer for fans. This proposal is being made at a time when we are seeing many worrying cases of violence in football at all levels, So now is the time. Weird”, had lamented Mark Roberts.

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