Premier League: On suspicion of child sex abuse, Sigurdsson feels his bail has been extended until this summer

Gilfi Sigurdsson’s bail on suspicion of child sex abuse has been extended until July. Greater Manchester Police are continuing their investigation.

As the Daily Mail reports, the English press announced that Gilfi Sigurdsson’s bail on suspicion of sexually abusing a minor has been extended until this summer, following a request from the police of Greater Manchester. Twelve months after being arrested by law enforcement, the Icelandic international is still sidelined by Everton, who claimed there was “a player pending a police investigation.” In remarks made by the Liverpool Echo, a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said Sigurdsson “will respond to a summons on Saturday 16 July.”

Icelandic Federation in the Dark

According to Icelandic media Ruv, the player was released on bail on 16 October before seeing the date of his summons postponed twice in January. It was then extended for three months, then for three months, finally scheduled for 16 July. Gylfi Sigurdsson has not been selected for the Iceland national team since the matter came to light and is not part of Everton’s Premier League qualifying squad. His contract with Everton expires this summer.

The case has rocked Icelandic football as the Icelandic Federation is in the midst of a nightmare following revelations of other sexual assaults perpetrated by internationals. Last August, the chairman of the Federation’s executive committee, Gudney Bergson, resigned, on suspicion of covering up Kolbein Sigthorsson, an alleged perpetrator of sexual assault at a nightclub in Reykvik in 2017, while playing for FC Nantes.

Suspended by his Gothenburg club “pending an internal investigation”, the striker admitted that there was no “exemplary behaviour”. In addition to the president, at least fifteen people, that is, the entire executive committee of the Icelandic Federation, resigned after a five-hour meeting held after the revelation of the Sigthörsen case.

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