Pique assumes his commission for the Supercopa de Espaa and will sue


Gerard Pique (35) explained himself on Twitch live from Monday to Tuesday night after the publication of documents, according to which he received a large commission for the overhaul of the Spanish Supercup. He agrees and will sue.


Gerard Pique, 35, held a press conference on his Twitch account at midnight Tuesday and explained himself after the document appeared in the newspaper El Confidential. The FC Barcelona defender, through his company Kosmos, will receive 24 million euros in commission for participating in the overhaul of the Spanish Super Cup, held for three years in Saudi Arabia. An audio exchange with Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales was broadcast as the leader reportedly accused Saudi Arabia of paying this generous commission to the FC Barcelona defender during the conclusion of the deal in 2019. put pressure on 40 million euros.

In his speech, Pick considers the conversation around this generous contract. He also feels that the repercussions for Cosmos are very small. “I have nothing to hide, he said. Everything we’ve done is legal. I’m proud of what we’ve done at Cosmos. We wanted to change the format of the competition and make it more accessible to the audience.” Wanted to make more interesting. It has revenue implications. The President (Louis Rubiales) really liked the idea. Saudi Arabia wasn’t the only option. The United States and Qatar were on the table. In the end, he decided to move to Saudi Arabia 10% of the market (the share of 40 million euros received by Cosmos, editor’s note), is relatively small: we thought this was the norm and it was a figure according to all the agencies that accuse me of doing it. There is no problem in explaining things, he added. Cosmos does business with UEFA, RFEF, La Liga … it’s a business for everyone.”

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“audio taken out of context”

He claims the financial results of this new format which has allowed two to four participating teams to go through. He also defends himself. “It’s an audio taken out of context, he says. I’m helping the president formulate a formula that makes sense. I’m trying to help him. I just brought a motion to the RFEF.” Before the format change, the competition was priced at 120,000 euros, and now it’s 40 million.” He believes that penalty payments are expected if Real Madrid or FC Barcelona do not qualify for the competition.

Pique ensures that his role as a Spanish international is fully divided and that of a commercial partner with the Spanish Federation. The defender also promises that the commission received by Cosmos is paid by Saudi Arabia and not by the RFEF. He assures that he does not understand the uproar and has not acted in secret. “We will take legal action after the publication of the audio,” he promised, assuring that it would not stop him from pursuing his projects.


“I spoke to the president (Louis Rubiales) because he was concerned, he says. I told him we had nothing to hide. No commission taken. I would mention King in the audio that came out. because he thought he could help us through contacts. But I have no idea, although I am not worried.”

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