Online betting site apologizes to Mbappe family after message "of bad taste"


An online betting site has apologized to Wilfrid Mbappe and his family after a “bad taste” joke posted on social media. In late March, the company had drawn the ire of Kylian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe has been heard. This Wednesday evening, nearly two weeks after the publication of a suspicious message posted to its Twitter account, an online betting site apologized to Wilfrid Mbappe and his entire family. On 31 March, Vinamax shared a photo showing a man with his buttocks in a stadium stand with the caption: “Wilfried Mbappe during his son’s goal against South Africa.”


The online betting site said, “We apologize to Wilfrid Mbappe, his family and all those who have been hurt by the use of an inappropriate image against him on our Twitter account. This tweet in bad taste has no effect on our social networks.” The space was not there. We will be vigilant to avoid such regrettable deviations in future.”

“We have crossed the limit of acceptable”

“Be reassured of our affection and our deep respect for the Mbappe family and the great family of sport in general. Our humor is simply a reflection of this love – which is well loved. However, this time we have set limits. has crossed. of acceptable.”

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Kylian Mbappe had a dry reaction as a result of the questionable joke. “The danger of betting … there are no limits now. Please have a little respect,” the PSG and France striker blew everyone away with angry emojis. A few minutes later the sports betting site deleted his tweet.


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