Om: "we were at the velodrome tonight"Guendouzi Reims. enjoys very Marseille atmosphere

At an Auguste-Delaunay stadium fully committed to their cause, OM won 1–0 on a goal from Gerson at the end of the match. Reims’ enclosure exploded at the target, which pleased Matteo Guandouzzi, who said he believed in himself “at the velodrome” this Sunday evening.

With a 1–0 win against Reims, OM cheered almost the entire Auguste-Delaunay stadium, as Marseilles singing to the club’s glory and the joy at Gerson’s goal at the end of the match were heard. A Marseille passion in champagne that pleases Matteo Guandouzzi, one who is very fond of these environments.

“We were at the velodrome again tonight”

“We were at the velodrome again tonight, the Olympian midfielder said with a big smile. It was fantastic, there was a great atmosphere tonight and we saw it on Gerson’s goal with an explosion of joy.” After mocking the situation, Guendouzi still salutes his opponents of the evening: “Very proud to have won this match tonight, because they have a great team and good players and have played well.”

If Om didn’t show his best face against Reims, and had to rely on one of his in-form men, Gerson, to advance to 83rd place. Matteo Guendouzi retains only the famous three points, which allows OM to maintain a good lead in the standings and hold six points from third. “We won and that’s the most important thing, notes the French international. There are very few matches left, and we had to win tonight. Of course, we didn’t have the best match of our season, but we had a lot more interesting matches.” where we lost.”

“Om is not invincible”

OM are also on a very good streak and can claim a very good 10 wins in eleven matches, practically ensuring qualification for the Champions League next season. But Gwendouzzi is formal “not invincible”: “Otherwise we would be on 11 wins in eleven games! But it’s something very positive.” “We’ve never had that many wins and it’s so much better that it happens at the end of the season, retaining 50 players this season. We’ll try to keep even more.”

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